But wait, there's more: Meet the new Bachelors who will be wooing Sam Frost.

Um, haven’t they forgotten something.

Channel 10 have announced today that from 23 September there will be a bevy of bachelors hitting our screens.

[Bevy? What is the collective noun for a group of bachelors? A limousine of bachelors? A spa of bachelors? A fleet?]

Just quietly: Rosie’s hilarious recaps of The Bachelor are the best part of the show. Get on that here.

The identity of the blokes who will be battling it out to spend time with Bachelorette Sam Frost was revealed today in a sensationally dramatic video that you should definitely watch here:

Video via Channel 10

From what we can see so far, there’s lots of this (because, you know, this is a show about love):

Thanks for the abs, Channel 10.

Though we’re particularly taken with this guy, who thoughtfully brought his own bird of prey.

Umm, he actually is scary.

And, thankfully there are plenty of looking-thoughtfully-into-ocean-while-considering-the-big-questions-in-life shots:

Deep thoughts.

Because it’s Australia, there are three guys called Dave (probably “Davo”), an international model, a soccer player, and a professional abseiler.

But, er, these blokes all look quite similar. Where is the diversity? Judging from the video and the promotional shots, all of the bachelors appear to be of European descent. Sure, reality TV has never really been the home of racial diversity, but come on…

Despite only apparently representing a small slice of the human race, all of these blokes have wonderful views on love that will restore your eye-roll skills faith in humanity.

Meet the blokes – and read a little about them – here (post continues after gallery): 

Look at those velvet suits and pocket squares! Those foreheads! The nonchalance! This is going to be bloody brilliant.

Do you have a favourite already? Choosing the owl guy is cheating.

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