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A very important investigation into why The Bachelor's American Alex is back in Australia.

Stop everything.

American Alex is back in Australia. We repeat: American Alex is back in Australia.

If you need your memory refreshed, we’re talking about the most underrated Bachelor in Paradise contestant in the history of the franchise, Alex Bordyukov, who has one of those faces that make you feel as though you might spontaneously forget how to speak and maybe breathe if you look directly into his eyes. For some reason he didn’t have an orderly line of female contestants vying for his attention in Fiji which remains the greatest mystery of our time.

Instead, much to our shock, horror and deep disappointment, the women seemed more interested in the likes of Bill, Nathan and Paddy.

Firstly; no, and secondly; why?

But that was then and this is now. Months on from the last aired episode of Bachelor in Paradise, while completing our weekly “American Alex Instagram stalk”, we learnt that he is back.



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Call me Australian Alex now! #gday

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Becoming one with nature.

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But ex Bachelor in Paradise contestants simply do not just come back to Australia for no reason at all.

It’s just not a thing.

Which brings us to our very thoroughly researched theories.


1. He’s on holidays

Why would he come to Australia in winter??? This is clearly not the reason at all.

Moving on.

2. He’s come to pursue one of his former Bach in Paradise flames

After lurking through the comments on his Sydney and Melbourne tourist pics in which he’s giving off very “hot dad on holiday” vibes (so many wholesome nature walks), it is apparent he is not linked to any former BIP cast members.

Exhibit A – Alisha

Now. Alisha and Alex didn’t seem to have a romantic spark on the show, but they popped up on our feeds in a very couple-y looking photo last week. Their bodies are… intertwined in said photograph.

However, Alisha was quick to shutdown the inevitable rumours:

Same tho. Image: Instagram.

Exhibit B - Zoe

Unlike his photo with Alisha in which they seem to be embracing very tightly, he's standing about 30 centre metres away from Zoe in their park snap. We're no body language experts, but this gives off mega friend vibes to us.

This does not scream romance. Image: Instagram.

He is not here to explore a connection with Zoe.

Exhibit C - Caroline

After leaving Fiji with fellow American Caroline, we already know things ended soon after their return home. She also posted this comment on one of his tourist snaps (which - given they have remained friends - we assume is a joke):

Image: Instagram.

While none of his recent activity 100 per cent confirms he is in fact single, this third and final theory is our strongest yet. Honestly, we are prouder of this than our Year 12 results;

3. He's here to join the cast of The Bachelorette


We know Angie Kent's season of The Bachelorette has just started filming, so the timing is perfect.

We also note Osher's telling comment on Alex's first Sydney pic:

Interesting... Image: Instagram.

"Well sorted" roughly translates to "You have been assigned a room in The Bachelorette mansion and we have received your request for top bunk".

Plus; Alex meeting up with his former Bachelor in Paradise contestants *could* be because they're all genuinely friends, OR it could be a cleverly-timed series of clues Channel 10 have asked him to pepper through our social media feeds to hint that he's rejoining the franchise.

We think Angie and American Alex would make an excellent couple, so we truly hope this theory rings true.

Plus... we wouldn't mind seeing him on our screens again.

Just sayin' ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

What are your thoughts on American Alex joining The Bachelorette cast? Let us know in the comments below.