The scene on The Bachelorette that wasn't like anything we'd seen on prime time before.

It was unusual.

Did anyone else find that bathhouse scene on The Bachelorette a little… different?

If you missed the episode, allow us to set the scene.

Richie, Will, and Kayne won a game of dodgeball against “the jocks” Davey, Sasha, and Dave.

Watch a clip of the bathhouse. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

Their prize? To smear mud all over Sam Frost’s bikini-clad body.

If you were in any doubt that The Bachelorette is doing something just a little bit different, have a look at this picture.

Sexy mud-smearing session.

When was the last time you saw three men worshipping at the altar of woman? And one woman in particular?

We’re totally accustomed to the idea of women competing with each other to get a man’s attention. Preferably scantily clad, they’ll do anything to secure a place among the Man’s favoured ladies (see: Justin Bieber and his model parties, that fucking Candyman).

But watching three men try and impress one woman? It’s not the norm.

Here’s an interesting scene from a porn film, I mean, The Bachelor season 2.

“It was an intimate moment… that I shared with two other men,” said Richie.

“It was weird,” Kayne said.

It honestly wouldn’t be described as “weird” if the situation was reversed, and three women were smearing mud all over a man’s torso.

What’s next? Sam Frost’s suitors will start apologising for being too manly? We can only hope.

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