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The four best moments from Week 4 of The Bachelor.

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It was a racy week on The Bachelor.

Episodes seven and eight involved apple-bobbing (yes, you heard that right), bush-dancing, kart-racing and A SCANDALOUS KISS. As things heated up between Bachelor Sam and at least four of his girlfriends, the tension between all the girls continued to build.

Fortunately, they got to beat the crap out of each other with small motorised vehicles. Huzzah.

Here are the top Diamond Grade Moments from this week’s The Bachelor: The cute, the charming, the cunning and the cringe-worthy.

1. Cute.

Bachelor Sam (dreamboat. Despite his televised infidelity, DREAMBOAT) is developing a pretty big crush on Snezana, as we saw this week. Snezana (sales rep from WA with a 10-year-old daughter) was singled out by Sam on the farmyard group date. Yes, that’s right – a farmyard group date. During the apple-bobbing, bush-dancing ‘fun’, Sam stole Snezana away for a pretty cute moment, culminating in a scandalous kiss. Scandalous, why? Because while Sam and Snez were getting all kissy, his other six girlfriends were waiting for him in the barn. Whoops. Following that, he took her on a single date, with more kissy-wissiness, AND some hand-holding, AND some mushy words. Watch out, other girlfriends. The chemistry between Sam and Snez is palpable.

the bachelor week four
Sam + Snez. Image via Channel Ten.

2. Charming.

Emily also scored a single date this week, the privilege of all privileges in the house. Emily got a full day with Sam all to herself, and to make matters more exciting, there was some partial NUDITY. Well, bathers. But still, they were able to check out each other’s skins in a beach-y environment. Best of all, Emily got a treasure hunt, with clues and everything. Bachelor Sam (or a Channel Ten producer. Or a pirate) had even buried a fancy treasure chest under an X-mark, and when Emily dug down, pulled out the treasure chest and opened it… there was jewellery. FREE DIAMOND JEWELLERY. Emily scored a spectacular diamond bracelet to wear forevermore with her bikinis, which, in my opinion, was far superior to the boring old rose she also scored from Sam.

the bachelor week four
Emily scored a spectacular bracelet to wear forevermore with her bikinis. Image via Channel Ten.

3. Cunning.

Nina got a bit cheeky this week. Remember Nina? She was ‘forced’ to kiss Sam for four minutes straight on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge last week. Because, you know, that’s what happens on regular dates. Anyway, Nina took it upon herself (cough *SCRIPTED* cough) to tell the other girls about the scandalous kissing session that Sam and Snez had had on the farmyard group date. Lots of gasps and head-shaking and shaming Nina for spilling Snezana’s secret, etc. If Nina WASN’T told by the producers to create the drama, then she is quite wickedly stirring the giant pot of Bachie girlfriends. Go girl.

the bachelor week four
Lots of gasps and head-shaking and shaming Nina for spilling Snezana’s secret, etc. Image via Channel Ten.

4. Cringe-worthy.

Nina gets a double nomination tonight. Not only was she a little bit cunning, she also pulled the award for the best cringe-worthy moment. During the go-kart race, Emily and Nina were trying desperately to run each other over. Because the best way to win the Bachelor’s heart would be to literally destroy the competition, riiiight? Anywho, Emily won the race, pulled into the pit stop… and a full seven seconds later, poor confused Nina somehow thought SHE crossed the finish line first. And then she did a victory lap, cheering herself on for winning the race she actually hadn’t won. When Nina finally stopped congratulating herself, Osher stepped in to inform her that she was the runner-up, and her least favourite girlfriend Emily had scored the trophy. SO. MUCH. AWKWARD.

the bachelor week four
SO. MUCH. AWKWARD. Image via Channel Ten.

So, who missed out on the roses this week?

Jasmin was kicked out of the house on Wednesday night, because her sheep-shearing skills on the farmyard date were clearly not sufficient (her heels kept getting in the way). And then Rachel, a sweet charity worker from SA who got very little airtime, lost the go-kart race miserably, and her nanna-driving skills meant she was forced to hit the road.

Evidently, Bachelor Sam wants a farm girl who can race cars. Stay tuned, peeps.

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