Babies, engagements and a Hollywood movie: Where are the most controversial Bachelor contestants now?

The Bachelor Australia might be over (for now) but that doesn't mean we're any less obsessed with the contestants who delighted, enraged and above all, entertained us for the past decade. 

Throughout the reality show's 11 seasons (not to mention The Bachelorette spin-off), not all the women vying for the Bachelor's heart have been created equal — there's been just a handful of breakout stars who copped a villain edit. 

But thankfully, for the most part in The Bachelor universe, these kinds of villains were mostly harmless. Unlike some of the problematic contestants from other shows (*cough* MAFS *cough*), the villains on Bachie were more likely to call another woman a 'peasant' or complain their date involved a 'dirty street pie'. 

Oh God, when this show was good, it was the best. 

So what happened to the most memorable contestants, who were known to thrive on drama and stir the pot? Let's catch up with our favourite Bachie villains of all time. 

Where is Laurina Fleure now?

It would be a travesty to begin this with anyone other than the 'dirty street pie' girlie herself, Laurina Fleure. 

Laurina stole the spotlight on Blake Garvey's season of The Bachelor back in 2014, where she entered the pages of the reality TV history books for moaning that Blake had taken her out for a 'dirty street pie' from Harry's Cafe de Wheels, rather than a fancy date like the other women. She made solid points!!

The model would have another short stint on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise in 2018, after first winning back Australian hearts as a contestant on I'm A Celebrity in 2016. It was in the jungle that she bravely endured the viper room challenge, making her a popular contestant and securing her spot in third place in the finale. 


Back in November 2022, the former Bachelor star announced she had welcomed a baby boy with her partner James Black. 

laurina fleure from the bachelor australiaLaurina and son, Bastian Bear. Image: Instagram/@laurinafleure.


She posted a photo on Instagram alongside the caption: "Bastian Bear Black 20/11/2022 4:30am."

Laurina later opened up about her fertility struggles, before she fell pregnant with Bastian. 

"I was with James when I was going to freeze my eggs and I didn't react well to the hormones so I gave up and thought I'd struggle to have a baby," she told the Herald Sun.  

Aside from her personal life, the model is the founder of Beauty Aqua, which is a sparking water company that infuses water with vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, electrolytes and botanicals. Not a single dirty street pie in sight! 

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Where is Romy Poulier now?

When it comes to Bachie villains, nothing comes close to the clique that was formed during Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins' season in 2018. Leading the pack was Romy, followed closely by Cat Henesey and villain-turned-Bachie-hero, Alisha Aitken-Radburn. 

The three women were known for staying glued together on the show, and were accused of bullying fellow contestant, Tenille Favios. After the season aired, Romy spoke about her edit on the show. 


In 2021, she claimed to Stellar that she was told by producers that her edit would come across as "cheeky and fun".

"It's my fault. That's what I'm most upset about. I never saw myself as an easily manipulated person," she said. "At the end of the day it was my behaviour [but] I just wish I'd stuck to my values and morals and said, "F**k you, I'm not saying that."'

the bachelor australia romeyRomy and her son, Louis. Image: Instagram/@romypoulier_.


After The Bachelor, she went back to her acting career, as she had previously appeared on Home and Away.

In 2020, she was cast in a local horror film, The Possessed, alongside John Jarratt and Lincoln Lewis. Then in 2022, Romy played a flight attendant in the Hollywood rom-com Ticket to Paradise alongside Julia Roberts and George Clooney.

In January 2024, the former Bachie welcomed her first child with partner, Jess Callaghan. She shared a photo of her newborn on Instagram to announce the exciting news.

"Someone was in a hurry to join our family! Our little Louis Jack Callaghan was born 23/01/24 a few weeks early and much to our surprise!" the couple shared. 

"We've never felt so complete as a family until now."

Romy and Jess had been dating for several years before they got engaged in November 2023.

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Where is Cat Henesey now?

We can't mention one reformed 'mean girl' without addressing the other: what happened to Cat from Bali?

For Bachie fans, this is what Cat Henesey became known by, as the jewellery designer had a tendency to mention that she lived in the Indonesian island. During her time on the show, Cat was hit by accusations of bullying by Nick Cummins and she ended up walking out on the show. 


In 2023, she opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about how her villain edit had impacted her career. "I do really feel like they gave me a super unfair edit," she said.

"I'm sitting here with a brand not even wanting to work with me because I'm a 'bully' or a 'villain'... I think that was definitely what I really mentally struggled with."

Since her time on the show, Cat has started a podcast Cats Out of the Bag and became the buying manager for Princess Polly, while still working on her Bali-based jewellery brand, Henessi.

In April 2023, she attended the wedding of Glenn Smith and Alisha's wedding, alongside her 2018 Bachie costar Brooke Blurton.

the bachelor australia cat henesey nowCat and Brooke attend Alisha's wedding. Image: Instagram/@cat_henesey.


In September 2023, Cat got engaged to her music producer boyfriend Matt Bartlem. They first began dating after meeting at the Grass is Greener music festival in Cairns in 2021. Matt popped the question in front of Cat's friends and family while the group were holidaying in Japan. 

Back in 2021, Cat opened up to The Courier Mail about meeting Matt after years of dating the wrong men. 

"We are serious about each other and are fully aligned... and it makes me question if I've ever actually been in love before now," she said. 

"I had a solid two years of being super single and this is definitely the first serious relationship I've had in a while... [he's] everything you'd want in a person." 

In May 2024, the couple announced they had bought their first home together.  

Where is Leah Costa now?  

Leah Costa stirred up plenty of drama during her time on Matty J's season of The Bachelor in 2017, including starting beef with fellow contestant, Simone Ormesher. 


She followed up her memorable stint with a slot on the 2018 season of Bachelor in Paradise, but failed to find love and sent herself home. 

After BIP, Leah confirmed she had started dating Big Brother's Anthony Drew. However, the reality TV power couple were over before they began, with Leah claiming on Instagram that Drew broke her heart. 

"Sometimes you're lucky enough to find the person that is everything you've ever been looking for and more, only to discover that they are broken inside," she shared on Instagram. 

"You made me happier than I knew I could feel but have broken my heart in a way I didn't know it was possible."

She went on to claim in an Instagram Story that Drew used her for "fame" and told her he only considered their romance as 'casual' before sharing screenshots of their messages. Messy!

the bachelor australia leah costa nowLeah has since settled in WA. Image: Instagram/@leahpcosta.


In the years since, Leah became a top content creator on OnlyFans before pivoting her career to working in the mining industry in Western Australia.

"It's been a wild ride and I’m grateful for the support, looking forward to putting my finances into new and exciting business ventures," she told the Daily Mail in 2021.

In April 2024, Leah Costa announced she was expecting her first child with partner, Dempsey Kelly. Leah posted two sonogram images with a pic of a baby onesie with the caption "Pack my diapers, I'm going fishing with Daddy."

"What a crazy perfect few years! 2022 we met and life finally just made sense, 2023 we bought our dream home and decided we were ready to grow our family, 2024 and we are so excited to meet our little boy in September."

The couple live in WA with their three dogs.

Feature image: Instagram/@laurinafleure/@romypoulier_. 

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