The confession we didn’t see coming from The Bachelor’s Snezana.

If first impressions are anything to go by, The Bachelor contestant and single mum Snezana, 34, appeared to be brimming with confidence on last night’s show, with no intention of going anywhere fast.

After all, it was her daughter Eve who put her forward for the show to begin with.

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Exactly the reason why we were stunned to discover Snezana had thoughts of going home after her first night on the reality love show. Snezana told TV Week she had thoughts of leaving, due to the difficulties she faced leaving her 10-year-old daughter behind.

But for the Perth mum, Bachelor Sam Wood appeared to be interested in her after their one-on-one time, in which she was scared to tell him about having a child. "I was nervous to tell him. But if that's not what he's looking for, there is no point," she said to TV Week.

Watch the video below to see Snezana tell Sam about her daughter. Post continues after video...

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Speaking to The West Australian, Snezana said, “I normally tell someone straight away that I have a daughter because I think it’s really important to be open. I don’t want to waste someone’s time and I don’t want to have my time wasted if they are not interested in children."

“I wanted him to know I was a mum but I didn’t want to get put into a box because of that," Snezana concluded.


The Motherish contacted Snezana but she was unavailable for comment.

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