Sam Frost hits out at last year's Bachelor contestants for trying to "ruin the show".

Someone must tame those mischievous and rogue Bachelorettes according to Bachelorette queen, Sam Frost. And by someone, she means contracts.

The former reality-TV-star-turned-radio-host took to Rove and Sam this morning to hit out at the girls on Sam Wood’s season of the Bachelor, claiming the girls on his season went so rogue after filming, that tighter restrictions will be in place for Richie’s upcoming season.

She explained to Rove McManus that there has been a massive crackdown on contracts this season as a direct result of last year’s contestants going out too much when filming wrapped up.

According to Frost, none of the women appearing on the show will be allowed to be out and seen during filming of the show, for fear that the audience will be able to determine who wins on the basis of who isn’t looking like a “single lady about the town”.

Sam Wood's Bachelorettes.

"The reason why there has been a massive crackdown on the contracts, in Sam Wood's season the girls were very spiteful when they didn't win," she said. "It was a mess to try and shut them up."

Frost elaborated on her claims that many of the contestants were bitter after the show wrapped-up, claiming the girls set out to deliberately ruin the show.

“They were like, ‘Argh! Sam Wood, he’s not even that good! And guess what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna ruin your show!’

"The girls would plot together — I’m not going to name names, but I think you guys can do the math — but they’d plot together to bring down the show. They started selling stories... I don’t even know if they sold the stories, but they were giving information to news outlets. They’re going out, hooking up with boys."

Interestingly, last year's Bachelorette also gave us peasants watching and playing at home a very handy hint as to how to guess who wins the next season. Her advice? Check out who are hanging out together. They probably didn't win.

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"It ruins the storyline because you look and you say, well X, Y and Z are friends. Why are they friends? Well she gets kicked out, and that means they probably get kicked out too.

"Snez was the only one that wasn’t hanging out with the girls, who wasn’t on social media, cos she’s like, ‘Mate, I got the maaaaan’.”

It's a well-known fact among the Bachelor-die-hard that the winning lady and her Bachelor-no-longer will try to catch up between when filming wraps up and the finale airs.

But this year, Frost isn't so confident the winning couple will be able to catch up at all. The series has been battling against some leeching paparazzi for some weeks now, delaying filming and forcing the cast and crew to create decoys as a means of filming without the prying lens of a paparazzi camera.

Because of this, Frost is confident the paparrazzi will have the inside word on who the final three are, and who they therefore need to stalk for the next few months.

“I would not be surprised if they said: ‘Richie and your lady, you’re not allowed to catch up during that time.

"I can almost put word on it, that they will not catch up during the time."