With news confirming their split, Sam isn't giving this back.

We didn’t think it was possible but even more drama has surrounded The Bachelor break-up.

It’s been days of he said, she said since the split between The Bachelor‘s Blake Garvey and his ex-fiance Sam Frost was confirmed by Channel Ten.

To add to the drama surrounding The Bachelor break-up, TheFIX has exclusively reported that Sam has not returned her engagement ring.

On Thursday night’s Bachelor finale, Blake, in obvious proposal fashion, gave his chosen lady a big, fat diamond and according to a “well-placed source” Sam is yet to return the rock.

And it’s a very expensive rock at that.

It’s reported that the $58,000, 3.01-carat “Valentin” cushion-cut diamond ring has not found it’s way back to Bachelor sponsor Bunda, Bachie or Channel Ten.

“It hasn’t been returned to the store,” the source told TheFIX. “The split came as a shock to Bunda staff also, they absolutely didn’t see it coming.”

After Thursday night’s finale, fans were shocked to find out the next morning that the loved-up couple were no longer with Network Ten releasing a statement confirming the split. 

While Sam vented on social media, revealing that it was Blake himself who called off their short-lived engagement.

By the sounds of things, we don't really blame her for keeping the ring!

CLICK THROUGH the gallery of Sam's Instagram, which looks like she's been having a lot of fun lately...with no Blake in sight.

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