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Sam and Snezana are every annoying couple in a new relationship.

A little bit cute and a little bit sickening.

We get it, you’re in love. Enough already.

In case you missed it, Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski from The Bachelor ended up together and are very much in love.

Realistically, you probably haven’t missed it, as now that they’re able to “go public” with their love, they are taking every opportunity to do so.

Every. Opportunity.

The caption reads, ‘❤️ a man I can always lean on! #boyfriend #bestfriend’. Source: Instagram/snezanamarkoski

Their social media pages are littered with pictures of each other with hashtags such as #beautifulinsideandout and #crazyinlove and in every interview they are constantly talking about how much they love each other.

And it’s cute. Don’t get me wrong. Yay love and all that.

But like all new couples who are in the bubble of happy loved-up ignorance, they have started to cross over into dangerous territory.

Territory that I can only refer to as Excessive Use of Public Displays of Affection (EUPDA).

It’s a common phenomenon that we’re all familiar with, and Sam and Snez aren’t the only ones to fall victim to it.

So much love. (Post continues after gallery)

It usually starts in a similar way to Sam and Snez’s (minus the whole “dating 20 other women” thing).

Two people start seeing each other. They have a period of not being together “officially” but kind of “unofficially” and they really like each other but they just haven’t had the conversation yet and they’re not sure if the other person is even interested so they’re just seeing how it goes for the moment.

And then it happens. The glorious “where are we going?” conversation takes place (or he eliminates the 20 other women he’d been dating, either/or), and within a blink of an eye, their relationship is official.

And by official, I mean it starts appearing on social media. So that’s how you know.

Sam and Snezana being cute and in love in a video they made together (post continues after video).

Video via Channel 10

Not only are they telling you every little detail in person, but they are also posting all their love online.

The first few posts they put up together are nice. They look excited and happy and they’re just letting people know that they’re a “thing” now.

You get it.

Then they start posting a bit more frequently. The hashtags become increasingly cringe-worthy with #loveyouforever and #bestgirlfriendever starting to appear.

Not only this, but every time you catch up you are hearing about how <insert pet name here> is just so perfect and wonderful and great and that they know they are going to be happy together forever.

And thus, a combined one-soul-two-hearts monster is born.

The caption reads: ‘Thank you for everyone’s support. We couldn’t be more grateful.’ via Instagram/Samjameswood

Suddenly you’re thinking of ways you can subtly unfollow them, or let them know love can be beautiful in private as well.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this very common problem.

We must create an entirely new mini-civilisation for new couples to live in while they’re still in their honeymoon period, complete with a unique social media platform entitled “Love Love Love” where they can post couple selfies to their hearts’ content.

It’s the only way we can move forward as a society. Sorry, Sam and Snez.

Are you a romantic oversharer?