The Bachelor's Noni shares the real reason for all the tears at the cocktail parties.

If there’s one thing you can count on during The Bachelor cocktail parties and the rose ceremonies that follow, it’s that there will be tears.

But it’s got less to do with Richie and broken hearts than you’d think.

Following her elimination on Wednesday night, Noni Janur has shared the off-screen action that causes the real drama of the show – and it’s all to do with their clothes.

Image: Channel 10/Screenshot

"You want to feel amazing and if you have your hair, makeup and dress and you love everything it makes you feel super confident and that’s what you need," she told Vogue.

"There were a few cocktail parties that I didn’t like [what I was wearing]. There were tears before you had to walk out to the cocktail party. If you don’t feel confident then it kind of puts a downer on your whole night."

According to the magazine, the 25 year old felt "uncomfortable in comparison to some of the other girls, due in part to the limited selection of dress sizes available to her."

Unfortunately, this is no accident.


While behind the scenes on The Bachelor Australia isn't nearly as bad as what you see on Unrealthere is still some drama manufacturing, however subtle, that goes on by the producers. Intentionally influencing what the contestant wears and the size they're given is a prime example.

"I think clothing is one of the key things they can mess with them a little bit. So someone on a photoshoot or a fancy dress episode, someone might get the less attractive dress on purpose. And that I guess would knock your confidence," Sapphire*, a former producer on the show told Mamamia on The Binge podcast.

It gets worse.

"Also at rose ceremonies, all the dresses are sample size so you get someone who's just a size 10 and they go to the bathroom and lower themselves down and like rip seams," she said.(Post continues after gallery.)


"Then they've got to go into a rose ceremony knowing that they've just ripped through their dress. To me that would be more upsetting than wearing the ugly dress on a photoshoot."

No wonder we the girls appear upset and grumpy occasionally.

"I guess that's the way the producers really play with them a lot is through little things like that which you wouldn't necessarily notice," she said.

So next time you get ready to judge the outfits? Think twice.

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*name has been changed.

Image: Channel 10/Screenshot