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The Bachelor's Romy has shared the true story about her on-screen fight with Tenille.

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After facing sever backlash for being the ‘mean girl’ on this season of The Bachelor, Romy Poulier says audiences were mislead.

The 29-year-old was largely criticised by viewers for her altercation with Tenille Favios after kissing the Bachelor, Nick Cummins, after their first date (scandal), but the actress says it wasn’t the unprovoked attack that viewers were shown.

According to last Thursday night’s episode, one moment Romy and Tenille were having a heated conversation on the couches, before Tenille got up and left the conversation. Romy then came up to her again and reignited their argument, which resulted in the flight attendant running away from the mansion.

To refresh your memory, you can watch the very dramatic scene here:

Video by The Bachelor

However, Romy says this isn’t the entire truth. Speaking to Hit 96.9 Goulburn Valley’s Josiah and Elly, the eliminated contestant said she wasn’t the sole reason behind Tenille’s runner.

“She actually didn’t run away because of me at all,” said Romy.

“It looked like I went up to her twice and then she ran away, but actually, the second time I went up to her was when she’d come back and I asked if she was OK.


“It looked like I was pushing her and it just wasn’t the case.”

So if not her, then who? Instead Romy states the other contestants were also annoyed at Tenille for excessively boasting about her kiss with Nick.

“The reason she ran away was actually because all the girls chimed in, then she obviously freaked out and ran away,” said Romy.

“I think she was feeling a bit ostracised, but to be fair, it wasn’t a very nice thing (for her) to do, it was insensitive and it upset a lot of the girls.”



Although her new admission might take away some of the public condemnation lauded against Romy, the ex-contestant told Josiah and Elly there were multiple other occasions in which the editing portrayed her in negative light.

“The whole process has been dampened by the — I know everyone hates this word — but by the edit,” she said.

“Every single mean or cheeky thing I said was played, every single part of it. Not one positive thing came out of mouth, which is a real shame because there were so many great times. It’s just not how I remember my experience.”

And although the argument can be made that those words, bitchy and otherwise, still voluntarily came out of her mouth, ex-contestant Rhiannon also maintains that the show portrayed the worst side of Romy and Cat.

“They did get along with a lot of the girls in the house, so it’s just upsetting that you are only seeing one side – that’s it – you’re not seeing them doing anything nice at all,” she told Mamamia.

“There’s definitely another side to them.”

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