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We need to talk about Snez's ring.

Snezana got a ring on her finger last night.

A big ring.

A ring that had a lot going on.

Like a glove. (Via Channel Ten)

Quickly dubbed “The Cheezel”, the $22,000 diamond band sparked a social media tirade, with viewers clambering over themselves to declare it the ugliest they had ever seen:

Via Facebook/ Jess Goldsmith


With emotional viewers both delighted at the result but horrified at the rock.

But here’s the thing, people.

Shut up.

That ring was custom designed by SAM himself. Any man who walks into a jewellery shop, who puts himself out on a limb and designs his lady a ring should not be torn down. He should be bloody applauded. Loudly.

You know why? Because I reckon he probably put a lot of thought and love into that ring. While he was designing it, he was thinking about Snez. He was considering what she would like. He was choosing something for her. And even more telling, he even thought about little Chicken Parmy too, and got her a necklace.


I think a man selecting a ring for his love is incredibly romantic.

And every time she looks at it, she will know that he designed it for her.

Yeah, it’s big. It’s not to everyone’s taste. But he chose it FOR HER.  And they’re so happy together that I reckon he could have put a twistie tie on her finger last night and it wouldn’t have mattered.

The promise ring has been moved to the right hand now, but look how HAPPY they are:

What a magical ending ❤️! @samjameswood and Snezana have a special message to share with you all! #TheBachelorAU

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