The Richie we all know and love might not be the one you see on The Bachelor.

Last week, Australia lost its collective mind when it was revealed the greatest Bachelorette contestant of all time, one Richie Strahan, had been chosen as our next Bachelor.

Joining the likes of Tim Robards, He Who Shall Not Be Named Blake Garvey and Sam Wood, Strahan will not only be the country’s first blonde Bachelor, but our greatest yet.

There he is: our favourite Rope Access Technician. Image via Instagram.

But despite our Richie’s many, many skills (he is a Rope Access Technician after all) and his previous experience on the TV, Woman’s Day is reporting Strahan ‘has undergone media,acting and dialogue training to combat his nerves’ as he prepares to helm the show.

Strahan came third on the inaugural season of The Bachelorette leading many single Aussie women to consider relocating to Perth in an attempt to win the heart of everybody’s favourite Rope Access Technicians.

Yes, we will accept your rose.

It was his loveable nature, and his catch phrase ‘cool bananas’ that made us fall in love with him, and media training or not, we have no doubt that Richie will be one of our best Bachelors yet.

Even Richie’s ex girlfriend Sam Frost knows about the power of Richie, warning potential contestants not to be “opportunists” on her breakfast show.

“You better be doing it for the right reasons. You better be doing it because you think, ‘You know what, I really want to fall in love.’”

The good news? Applications are still open.

Speaking of The Bachelor, the finale of the US Bachelor is this week…

Video by ABC