Alex Nation and Richie Strahan had a potentially awkward dinner date last night.

Picture this: it’s a Tuesday night, and you’re out to dinner with your current boyfriend… and one of his ex-girlfriends.

But that’s not all. A bunch of men who dated a different ex-girlfriend of your boyfriend at the same time as you are also there.

Just for a little bit more spice, let’s also invite a woman who didn’t date your boyfriend, but she kind of moves in the same circles.

Does that sound like your idea of fun?

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Probably not.

But that’s exactly how former Bachelor star Alex Nation spent her Tuesday night.

On Instagram, Nation — who won Richie’s final rose in the reality show’s fourth season — is pictured out to dinner with a number of former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants.

Let’s walk through this.

Walking through #melbourne and happened to bump into these weirdos.

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Firstly there’s Keira. Despite her awkward single yoga date with Richie, which resulted in her leaving the show, the pair has been hanging out recently and seem happily in the friendship zone.


Then we see Davey Lloyd and Dave ‘The Plumber’ Billsborrow. If you haven’t been regularly keeping up with the Daves, they were both on Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette.

Neither of the Daves (nor Richie) successfully captured Frost’s heart, but they’ve both remained friends with Frost.

The rumours are true…..They are both CRAZY!! Crazy in love! Yuk! @richie_strahan @alexandranation

A photo posted by Dave Billsborrow (@dave_billsborrow) on

Then we have Heather, who starred in season three of The Bachelor with Sam Wood.

While you might think this lineup would make for a slightly awkward dinner date, comments posted by Richie, Keira and the Daves indicate they enjoyed their kind-of Bachelor reunion, which followed filming of a Bachelor v Bachelorette episode of Family Feud.

Our personal favourite, host Osher Gunsberg, made a quick appearance in Dave The Plumber’s Instagram story but didn’t appear to join the dinner date.

Note: Alex Nation originally posted a photo of the group together but has since deleted the image. 

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