PODCAST: Osher on what happens behind the scenes of The Bachelor.

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We’ve been on a Bachelor roller-coaster ride over the years but one man has stood strong.

We’ve had perfect Tim, then shitty old Blake, and now Sam Wood, The Bachelor we can’t quite decide.  But all the time, one man has taken our hearts into his hands. One man has consistently had the best hair on the show.


Smooth. (via facebook/thebacheloraustralia)

Osher Gunsberg.

The shiny host of The Bachelor, Osher Gunsberg, has seen his fair share of thorned roses and weeping women.  He’s smelt the scent of desperation, sweat and fake tan. And all along, he’s remained the show’s gentleman.

But when he joined us for a chat on the Mamamia Out Loud Podcast, we pinned him down. We couldn’t help it: we needed to know everything.

Do the contestants have sex? Is there a ‘try before you buy’ part that never makes it to air? Does he have a favourite woman that he tries to influence The Bach into choosing?  Does he feel sorry for any of the women on the show? And have any of the contestants stolen HIS heart?

Lovely ladies. (via Network Ten)

We also asked who wins. He wouldn’t tell us. Because, ever the gentleman, Osh says on these shows, nobody ‘wins’ anything.

Love is the winner.

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