We know how Kiki will be watching The Bachelor tonight.

Step aside Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

There’s a new whistleblower on the block: Former Bachelor contestant Zilda Williams (yes, we know).

Zilda told us on the Bach Chat podcast last night that the jilted contestants have a specific way of watching the show – alone together.

“We had the juiciest WhatsApp going last year, it was all of us talking about everything. We’d talk about everything that happened, laugh, cry, have a bit of a bitch – and it was really good” she said.

And she reckons this year’s girls would be doing the same thing.

Hear what Zilda has to say about this years Bachelor:

Chances are it would be MORE interesting than what Tiffany and Megan are Instagraming right now.

Zilda couldn’t go into too much detail because #coneofsilence, but she did paint a blurry water colour version of what went down.

“Obviously you could see the girls coming into the group, so you have a very good idea of what the outcome for them is, and then I remember some people leaving the group and some people starting their own groups with each other, it was pretty interesting.”

Zilda with former Bachelor contestant and friend Jacinda via Instagram

Yeah, we're sure it was.

And we bet that this year's WhatsApp group, would be even more interesting.

The conversation would probably flow a little like this*...

You know, Maybe.

  • Definitely not the real contestants having a real conversation. 

Listen to the full episode of Bach Chat, including more from Zilda about life inside the house, here: 

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