The secret ritual that follows every Bachelor rose ceremony.

We already know what happens to the girls when they are…ahem…evicted from the lavish Bachelor mansion.

But when you’re a ‘survivor’ who has been lucky enough to be gifted a red rose, what’s next?

You’ve been standing around for hours filming the dramatic finale of each episode, but when you’ve shed tears for your departed friends, where do you go?

We've got our what do we do? Image via Channel 10.

Luckily, this week on Bach Chat, this year's songbird Eliza St. John joined us to shed a little light on the mysterious post-rose ceremony rituals that go on behind closed doors.

(Hint: if you thought Richie was keen to party on, walking back in with a bottle of champas and singing 'Thank God those girls are gone!", you're very, very wrong.)

"It's quite an emotional time to be eliminated...if you stay, you back inside and you just feel exhausted emotionally," she says.

"You kind of want to go and have a bit of a debrief with your friends in your room and figure out what the hell just went down."

These rose ceremonies are super intense...and awkward. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

And yes, there are snacks involved in the post rose ceremony ritual.

"It's pretty emotional, we just take our makeup off and decompress, go and have a cup of chamomile tea or a hot choccie and chill out for a bit," she reveals.

Eliza spilled the beans on the secret post-ceremony ritual. Image via Channel 10.

(We're also told Georgia makes a pretty mean hot chocolate, in case you're wondering....)

So it's bye bye Richie and hello trackies and hugs. We told you it was possible to find true love in the Bachelor mansion.

It's just not always with the man himself...

Listen to the full episode of Bach Chat...complete with our love song dedication to Eliza.

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