The Bachelor's Olena shared a party photo that made fans think she does not win The Bachelor.

The Bachelor’s Olena has sent fans into a flurry with her most recent post to Instagram, with fans flooding her account with questions.

“Olena r you still in the show? (sic)”

“She doesn’t win.”

“She clearly didn’t win.”

The picture captures the 24-year-old model posing with ex-contestant Stephanie at a Melbourne fashion event.

The seemingly innocent image has ruffled the feathers of several fans who believe it means she’s lost.

Source: Instagram.

Most fans simply state "she doesn't win" in the comment section of the picture but one has explained their reasoning.

The fan said winners of past seasons never hung out with losers so Olena must be set to leave.

"I don't think Olena wins - the winners never hang out with the losers after the show," they said.

One fan directly debated that point by bringing up the friendship habits of past Bachelorette winner Sasha Mielczarek.

"Sasha from Sam Frost season hanged (sic) out with the losers who happened to be his best mates. Only shallow people don't hang out with losers," they said.


Another fan delighted in the doomsday predictions being put forward by fellow fans.

"Lol at the people ruling her out," they said.

The post currently sits on over 7400 likes since it was posted less than a day ago.

What do you think?

Is Olena about to miss out on a rose or are fans simply jumping the gun?

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