The Bachelor's Nina might have left the show, but she has something important to say.

An emotional rose ceremony saw The Bachelor‘s Nina sent home last night. But the outspoken brunette has an important message for women who feel ostracised or singled out because of their weight.

“I’m quite happy that I’m not a size 8, and I’m very proud in the size that I am,” Nina told

“I think it’s a really positive influence for girls out there who look at the show and think that everyone has to be super skinny to be on there and I feel like I’ve been that model for the real girls out there who want to go on something like this,” she continued.

Nina after her elimination last night. Image: Channel 10.

It's not the first time Nina has felt the need to defend her body and eating habits either, with intruder Rachel previously insisting that Sam would only be interested in a women with a passion for fitness.

Rachel asked her fellow bachelorettes specifically, "Has he mentioned any quality he's looking for in a partner? What about someone who is passionate about health and fitness like him?"

Nina was quick to answer that he'd made it clear during the group dates that he was very interested in women who looked after themselves.

Rachel speaking to the camera about Nina's lack of fitness. Image: Channel 10.

Rachel kept pushing the idea that he simply MUST want a woman who trains her body as hard as he does, paying particular attention to Nina as she spoke.

Then came Rachel's uncomfortable piece to camera.

"Nina has no idea. She's got no concern for health and fitness, she doesn't work out, and she's trying to get a guy who is passionate about his health," she said.

Nina wasn't crying this time though. Bye Rachel. Image: Channel 10.

Nina didn't let the comments upset her, though. She spoke to TV Week about her body, telling the magazine that it wasn't made for a six-pack.


"I'll never have abs," Nina said. "It is what it is. I came to have a good time - flabby bits and all!" she added.

Precisely. And in a clear message to all men who walk the planet, she said, "I have a muffin top, I have rolls. If Sam wants to be with a size-six girl, that's cool, but that's not me."

Toasting all the b*tchiness because Nina doesn't care. Image: Channel 10.

Rachel did try to explain her comments on The Project, but it came off... badly.

You can see how that went here.

Video via The Project

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