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Former Bachelor Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins is expecting a baby with girlfriend Alexandra George.

Former Bachelor Nick Cummins, otherwise known as the "Honey Badger", and his girlfriend Alexandra George have announced they are having a baby.

The couple shared the news via Instagram, posting a snap from a pregnancy shoot, with Nick captioning the post: "My darling and I look forward lovingly to the arrival of our little badger cub."


Alexandra also shared the pregnancy photo, alongside a snap of an ultrasound. 

She wrote, "We decided to create a little hybrid!! Can’t wait to share this next chapter with the love of my life 😍 welcoming our little badger cub into this world shortly."

The couple have reportedly been dating since 2020, going public with their relationship in early 2021.

ICYMI, Nick has been regarded as one of the most contentious of Bachelors, becoming the first Bachelor in Australia's history to not choose a winner.

He left audiences rattled and confused when he flew his final two – Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman – over to New Caledonia, before dumping them both.

"Right now, I can't give 100 per cent to you. My head is very clouded. Right now, I'm a little bit lost," he told Brittany at the floral altar, soon delivering a similar message to Sophie. 


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The shock move from Nick literally became a saying - "to pull a Honey Badger."

Four years on from the event, tempers have most definitely cooled down, with many coming to understand why the Honey Badger did what he did. 

Here's what the three people at the centre of the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history are doing now: 

Honey Badger aka Nick Cummins.

Not only is he expecting his first child with his girlfriend Alexandra, but since The Bachelor he has gone on to appear on SAS Australia and lots of nature-oriented shows which seem right in his wheelhouse.

National Geographic TV snapped up Nick for his own travel series Meanwhile in Australia with Nick Cummins. He also recently travelled to Arnhem Land in the Top End to begin filming the second series of Off the Grid with the Badger.


Speaking to Stellar about his experience on The Bachelor, Nick said he would still make the same decision today.

"The experience I had was really quite challenging for me. But I think I matured quite a bit, so I don’t regret it at all. I don’t get upset at the public for their viewpoint as they haven’t been in my shoes. But they did see an edit. It’s not a documentary," he said. 

The 34-year-old is now dating jewellery designer Alexander George.

In January 2021, Nick shared a photo of himself and Alexandra, hard-launching their relationship.

The pair have also moved into a five-bedroom place on the Gold Coast together. And from the looks of it, Nick hasn't pulled a Honey Badger with this woman.


Sophie Tieman.

Now let's move onto the women at the centre of the  finale, including Sophie Tieman.

Speaking to Mamamia previously, the 28-year-old said the fact Nick couldn't "see enough" in one girl out of the 28 contestants, was shocking for her.

"That actually really hurt me in that moment because I was left so confused. By the end, I was confident in saying that I was falling in love with him. But then he said it wasn't enough, and it wasn't me. I just wanted to close my eyes, open them up and be back at home," she said. 

Since The Bachelor, Sophie has returned to her day job with a bit of influencing on the side. 


In December 2020, Sophie became engaged to her boyfriend Joe. During an Instagram live at the time, she shared the story behind the proposal.

"We were walking along the boardwalk of the ocean, there's barely anyone around 'cause it's so early, then he just stops. He dropped the bag that had all our towels and things in it, and he grabbed both of my hands and started telling me about the love between us two, then he got down on one knee and pulled out a box," she said. 

"It was so beautiful, I was nervous and excited and happy, and I can't even explain the emotions I went through."

On her Instagram, Sophie regularly shares content ranging from corporate work outfit inspo, life with her partner and her adorable dog, and also lots and lots of renovation updates.


In April 2022, Sophie and Joe tied the knot. 

"I'm still having to pinch myself every few hours! I can't begin to explain just how lucky I feel. So extremely humbled. Every single person that means something to Joe and I were all in one place - celebrating our love. Things can't get much better than that," Sophie wrote on Instagram after the wedding. 

"The day couldn't have happened without the @annawangstylist team who helped me not only style the day, but plan every little detail."


Brittany Hockley.

Brittany Hockley was also one of the women at the infamous finale with Honey Badger. 

Speaking about the experience in 2021, Brittany said she felt like Nick "blamed her" for the backlash he experienced at the time. 

"He wasn’t the greatest to me afterwards. I think he blamed me a lot for the hate he got from Australia. I don’t think he was expecting Australia to hate him so much," the 34-year-old said on the Happy Hour podcast.

According to Brittany, it was comments she had made in interviews that had upset Nick. 

"You do so many media interviews after [The Bachelor], and he was like, 'It's everything you're saying in the media,' and I was like, 'Find me one bad thing I've said, because I've never said a bad thing. I just wouldn't have done it'."


Brittany also shared on the podcast that the production team on the set of The Bachelor was shocked with Nick's decision not to choose anyone. 

"When it happened, the production went into meltdown," she explained. "You could see it on people’s faces. The way they were acting, it was very obvious that most of them were shocked at what just happened."

It was also a shock to Brittany herself, who said she thought it would be her and Nick at the end. 

"I mean, I was still with him the night before, at 1am, on a date, we were in a spa, we were having a great time," she said. 

"There's a huge chance he went in there knowing he was just gonna f**k around with 30 girls, get half a mil."

As for life after The Bachelor, Brittany went on to appear on Bachelor In Paradise 2020, coupling up with sweetheart-turned-problematic contestant Timm Hanly. However, things between the pair soon wrapped up after filming. 

Brittany has since started the very successful Life Uncut podcast with fellow Bach alum Laura Byrne. 

She also recently split from her Australian tennis player boyfriend Jordan Thompson.


"There have been days I didn't get out of bed, there have been days I didn't stop crying. There is not a story here. There is nothing that happened. It is the most beautiful and amicable break up… we're at a point of life where we couldn't physically be together," she explained on Life Uncut. 

Brittany has also made headlines recently thanks to her newfound friendship with Rebel Wilson.

The pair went to the AACTA Awards at the Sydney Opera House together and Brittany interviewed Rebel on Life Uncut. 

As for the friendship between Brittany and Sophie, Brittany says the pair have naturally drifted apart.

"No. For no reason. It's been like three years. We just drifted apart, I think," Brittany explained on the Happy Hour podcast. 

"You're bonded by an experience in that house. You're with each other for three months. It's very intense, it's a shared experience, and then you get back into the real world and you go about your life."

This article was originally published in 2021 and was updated in April 2022. 

Feature image: Instagram / @nickbadger / Jampal Williamson.