The Bachelor's Megan is unrecognisable in her wedding pictures.

On The Bachelor, we know Megan as the blonde beach babe who spends her days riding waves in a bikini. But before she was chasing Richie’s roses, she led a vastly different life.

Raised in a “very repressive” environment where alcohol and nightclubs were prohibited, Megan was married at 18 to her boyfriend of four years. By the time she turned 23 the pair had divorced.

And now, nine years on, photographs of the 27-year-old’s wedding day have surfaced, showing a brunette, barely-recognisable Megan.

Megan on the arm of her father. (Image: Facebook)

According to The Daily Mail, the reality TV star's father Ross Upchurch shared photos of the wedding in 2014, years after his daughter's divorce was finalised.

While she declined to name the church that defined her upbringing, Megan steadfastly denied it constitutes a cult.

“It wasn’t like I was in a commune, and what was reported about me having an arranged marriage wasn’t true," she told the Daily Telegraph over the weekend.

"There are misconceptions because I got married so young, I got married when I was 18 years old to a guy I’d been dating since I was 14."

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“Life inside was different to most people’s upbringing — I didn’t watch TV or movies, and when I turned 18 it wasn’t like ‘Yeah, let’s go to a nightclub’, I got married instead," Megan continued.

"I couldn’t go on holidays for more than a week, because you had to be at church every Sunday.”

Another black-and-white photo of Megan and her ex-husband, who has not been identified, shows the newlyweds giggling together on their big day.

Megan and her ex-husband on their wedding day. (Image: Facebook)

Years on, the health promotion officer from Western Australia says her wedding day was not a pleasant experience.

"It was a weird wedding," she told OK! Magazine. "We had to get married in the middle of a church service straight after the pastor had preached a sermon about how everyone was going to hell if you drank [alcohol].

"It was awful because a few people from my work and school were there, who weren’t part of the church."

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