It's love! The Bachelor's Marja says she's found 'the one' after leaving the show.

What do you do when you don’t find love with Richie Strahan on The Bachelor? Find love with someone else!

That’s exactly what 34-year-old Marja Jacobsen has done, telling TV Week she’s found ‘the one’ since being eliminated from the popular dating show.

Marja says she's found 'the one' since leaving the show. Image via Instagram.

The Sydney yoga instructor didn't receive a rose during Thursday night's ceremony, but says that the show was part of her journey to find love.

“I always felt the The Bachelor was all going to be part it and was going lead to me to this and it did in a roundabout way," she tells the magazine.

"I met my boyfriend two months after the show finished and he’s just gorgeous and charismatic and he’s into yoga. I just adore him. I definitely know he’s the one!"

She has no hard feelings towards Richie after he sent her home alongside Sophie on the show's fourth episode, and admits that it was definitely time for her to leave the Bachelor mansion.

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"There were a lot of girls who clearly liked Richie and who clearly were interested in him that way and I wasn’t and that became more apparent," she reveals.

"I always felt that there were certain girls who were only ever in the running to compete for Richie: Megan, Nikki and Alex too.”

Marja says she knew it was time for her to leave the show. Image via Instagram.

Of her new boyfriend, Marja says she's "never felt like this before".

"It’s just easy and wonderful and it’s great!" she says.

We love a good Bachelor love story, even if it's not the one we expected.