We know Lisa doesn't win The Bachelor. Here's who she thinks does.

On Thursday night’s episode, The Bachelor’s Lisa Carlton was booted from the show after she failed to live up to Australia – and Sportsbet’s – expectations as one of the frontrunner’s for Matty J’s heart.

In an interview with Now To Love, the 25-year-old model said yes, she knows who wins, and no, she won’t tell. Shock! Wow! It’s almost like she has a contract that forbids her from telling.

However, and curiously buckling under pressure, in the next breath, the reality TV star then gave us a clue of sorts, offering us four names of women who are her frontrunners for Matty’s heart.

And considering she knows who wins, her frontrunners are…the frontrunners? I guess? Surely?

Weird, but we’ll run with it.

(Consider yourself warned that this may be the most legitimate accidental spoiler we have yet had, and I will give you approximately three seconds to click off the page before I blow this thing right open. Or, you know, just give you her names.)

The supposed final four. Image: Supplied.

“Yeah, he’s in love! I was really close with a lot of the girls who are still in the house. He’s in love and I’m really happy for him and for her! They’re both really great people,” she told Now to Love.

She goes on:

“I kind of know (who wins). So I can’t really say. But I’ll give you four names. I would say Flo, Tara, Elise and Laura. They honestly would have been my top four picks on the third week in."

So, they're the top four then? And one of them wins?


Sure, we all know it's Laura, but no problem, she can kept holding onto that 'secret'.

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