The Bachelor's Lana on her budget trick for shiny, shiny hair.

The Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg’s hair may have developed a cult following, but it was Lana Jeavons-Fellows who really stole the crown last season.

Lana’s mermaid hair has more shine than our forehead on a 37 degree day. While you’d think it would take half a dozen products and a stylist to achieve that just-left-the-salon look but turns it out Jeavons-Fellows routine is a lot more low-maintenance than you think.

In fact, it couldn’t be simpler – or cheaper.

The face of the latest Brands Exclusive campaign has three hair tips she swears by.

1.Less is more.

This will make anyone who’s a bit lazy with their haircare routine fist pump.

“My rule is less is more. Don’t wash it every day, that’s training your hair to get oily. I wash my hair only once or twice a week. And don’t over-style it,” she told Mamamia exclusively.

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2. Oil it up.

Don’t be afraid of oils – they’ll give you shine (in a good way).

“I love nourishing oils, either Argan or coconut oil. I put coconut oil on my face and body too!” she says.

You can pick up a jar from health shops or the supermarket from around $7.

Watch: Those Two Girls share their love for coconut oil. Post continues after video.

3. Rinse it.

The secret to Lana-worthy softness is sitting in your pantry.

“Another budget beauty hair tip is to do an apple cider vinegar rinse once a month,” she says.

“When you wash your hair with shampoo, chemicals stick to your hair follicles, so to get rid of the chemicals, mix apple cider vinegar with half a cup of water, and use instead of shampoo. My hair feels so soft and shiny afterwards.” (Post continues after gallery.)


This treatment seals off the hair cuticle leaving hair looking blindingly shiny as well as helping minimise the likelihood of split ends. Fun fact: It’s also great for dealing with dandruff.

Oh, and Scarlett Johannson and Heidi Klum also swear by it as a beauty holy grail.

Not bad for a household staple, hey?

Shiny hair, here we come.

Image: Instagram/@lanajf.

Do you swear by apple cider vinegar? 

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