Did Lana give away the winner of The Bachelor?

The Bachelor‘s date-crasher Lana Jeavons-Fellows caused a spin when she entered the Bachelor mansion and she’s just done the same on Instagram.

The bachelorette posted a photo of her and a friend enjoying a cocktail (complete with a rose, of course) at popular Surry Hills bar, The Winery, on Friday night.

The photo certainly got everyone talking, but it wasn’t the rose that got people speculating. Rather, the mysterious new rock on her finger which many guessed was an engagement ring.

Lana and a friend on Friday night. Image via Instagram.

Yet some commenters were quick to point out that the ring was on her right hand and not her ring finger. However others suggested Lana's choice of finger may have simply been a cover up. One commenter wrote, "It's definitely an engagement ring" and believed Lana "put the ring on another finger" to try to keep the winner a secret.

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As far as Bachie rumours go. this one isn't too far fetched. Many believe Lana is now poised to win the series after the shock exit of fan favourite, Heather Maltman, last week.

The trailer for this week's finale, which will be aired over Wednesday and Thursday night, also alludes to the possibility that the series might end with Sam Wood getting down on one knee.

Sam and Lana during last week's home visits. Image via TenPlay.

Of course, there is also the incredibly likely possibility that Lana is just wearing a ring. On her right hand. Because, you know, she wants to. After all, as some commenters were quick to point out, people can wear diamond rings before getting engaged.

One Instagram user commented, "Jokes on you people, if you check out her old photos from literally a year ago you will notice that she wears that same ring... long before she met Sam".

A quick Instagram search reveals that Lana, who is good friends with former Miss Universe Australia and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here contestant Laura Dundovic, was wearing a very similar looking ring on the exact same finger earlier this year.

Lana (pictured here with good friend Laura Dundovic) sporting a similar ring earlier this year. Image via Instagram.

I guess we'll have to wait until Thursday night to see if Lana is the last woman standing.

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