The Bachelor's Keira has brushed off accusations she's "chasing" the paparazzi.

Feisty former Bachelor contestant Keira Maguire has hit back at allegations she’s been “chasing” Sydney’s paparazzi.

When the Daily Telegraph published a short yet catty article about Keira’s interaction with a local photographer on Friday, the 29-year-old used Instagram to set the record straight.

Beginning by asking if the reality star’s “15 minutes of notoriety” are “about to expire”, the article goes on to accuse Keira of trying to get a photographer’s attention by walking on the same street.

The article’s author said when the reality star was “finally noticed by the pap” as she was about to get into her car, she stopped so they could take a photo.

“It seems the fame bestowed on so-called ‘Lara Bingle lookalike’ was more fleeting that she’d hoped,” it concluded cattily.

Listen to Keira talk about fame, family and all things Bachelor with Mia Freedman on No Filter. (Post continues after audio.)

Keira, never one to hold back, let her fans — and the newspaper itself — know exactly what she thought of the article.

“Thanks for the exposure, God knows I need it,” she wrote.

The stylish star said the paparazzo had in fact followed her, and she allowed them to take another photo when she realised the first ones weren’t up to scratch.

Because, as anyone who saw her in the Bachelor mansion knows, if Keira doesn’t like something she’ll happily tell you about it:

(Image via The Bachelor)

"Funny because I had spent ages trying to get away from the pap who was following me around for over half an hour... finally gave up as I had an appointment to go to," she explained on Instagram.

"I asked the pap to show me the photos and because they were bad I said can you please take them again."

The star denied she wanted photos to be taken and was not too happy about the accusation.

"I mean as if I care about trying to get a paps attention... I've got my own stuff going on ..."

"My Fames (sic) running out..that's why they are talking about me?!?!? #ironic #getyourfacts right."

She has a point there.