This is what happened when The Bachelor's Keira came into the Mamamia office.

Today was a special day in the Mamamia office.

The sun was shining, anticipation for tonight’s episode of The Bachelor was building, and one of our colleagues inexplicably has a drawer full of lollies.

BUT! That wasn’t all.

You guys, we had a very important visitor. Keira.

Yes, THE Keira.

…Maybe we went a little crazy when she arrived.

Maybe we hounded her. Maybe we insisted on selfies. Individually. For ALL of us.

As we huddled around her, star-struck, Mia double-checked the spelling of her name. Is it Kiera, or Keira?

Her response was gold: "i before e, except when it's Keira."

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BOOM. She was everything we wanted her to be and so much more.

She also jokingly expressed her frustration that when she googles herself, another famous Keira — Knightly, that is — comes up instead of her.

Eugh, go away Keira Knightly. We're keen on THE Keira, who gave us moments like this:

YES. Image via Channel 10.

And this.

Neither do we, Keira. Neither do we. Image via Channel 10.

But most importantly, this.

YES YOU WERE. Image via Channel 10.

The 30-year-old had come straight from work, and spoke very candidly to Mia Freedman for an upcoming episode Mamamia's No Filter podcast. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

She also spoke to Laura Brodnik and Amy Cooper on our TV podcast, The Binge, about all things Bachelor-related, and yes, they fangirled.

Keira, Laura and Amy. Image supplied.

Look, Laura was excited that Keira was HOLDING HER SPECIAL SKELETON PEN. That is the extent of the Keira fever in this office.

While The Bachelor isn't the same without her, you can get your Keira fix in the latest episode of our Bach Chat podcast:

These are the girls still in the running for Richie's heart. Post continues after gallery. 

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