The Bachelor women are returning to the scene of the show's biggest scandal.

They may not have found love with Richie Strahan, but the 2016 bachelorettes are returning to the scene of what is arguably one of the decade’s greatest love crimes: Bali.

Sure, we’re incredibly happy for Strahan and his chosen woman Alex Nation, but many still maintain Australia was robbed of a love story we’d spent weeks investing in.

Posting an image of daybeds, crashing waves and a shining sun to her Instagram account on Wednesday, The Bachelor crowd favourite Faith Williams  wrote, “11 more sleeps until I get to catch up with my bachy babes in Bali! Can’t wait to unwind and reminisce.”

The Bachelor in Bali, 2.0. Source: Channel 10.

Tagged in the image alongside the caption were real-life Disney princess Janey Birks, last brunette standing Rachel Gouvignon, and none other than this year's runner-up and Australia's newest sweetheart, Nikki Gogan.

Returning to the place where you were dumped on national television almost immediately after you allowed a monkey to climb onto your head while said soon-to-be dumper just looked on and laughed awkwardly can't be easy for anyone, but if you're going to do it, being surrounded by girlfriends is surely the best way to go about it.


And hey, it's Bali. So there's always alcohol and infinity pools to numb that heartbreak.

But scorned lovers jetting off to Bali is hardly a new thing, with a group of last year's Bachelor evictees embarking on a similar journey, spending almost two weeks in the travel hotspot following the 2015 finale.

On the trip was Lana Jeavons-Fellows, Sarah Mackay and Tessa Moritz among others.

So is this a new tradition in the making? We sure hope so.

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