Osher Günsberg shared some very personal love advice with Bachelor Richie.

With only four bachelorettes left in the running, this season’s The Bachelor has been all about the drama, including late night skinny dipping between the girls.

Shying away from the crazy on-screen antics, in a recent interview with,  Bachelor host Osher Günsberg  revealed the wisdom he has learned from personal experience dating a single mum. And his advice was pretty spot-on.

Tonight on #TheBachelorAU we got uncle Osher to babysit. ????

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“I can tell you what I told Sam Wood after last year’s final rose (when he chose single mum Snezana Markoski),” he shared.

“I told him that it was a challenge, but also incredibly rewarding.”

The host himself has been in a long term relationship with mother and make up artist Audrey Griffen, having proposed early this year, and plays step-dad to daughter Gigi.

“There are a few tricky times as the child figures out that it’s okay to like both you and their father — but you just have to ride it out.”

“I wouldn’t swap this experience for anything, it’s a wonderful addition to my life and I can’t imagine my days without both Audrey and GiGi.”


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