We asked The Bachelor creators if rumours about a 'mole' were true.

Quick, someone call Grant Bowler.

Heather, that single lady who has emerged as one of the fiercest competitors for the heart and wang of our Bachelor Sam Wood, is a MOLE.

At least, that’s what many are reporting.

They say she’s an actress who has been sent in to the house to mix things up a bit, throw a few champagne glasses and do whatever it is that moles generally do.

If this is acting, hand that woman an Oscar!

So, here’s the lowdown: an “insider” told New Idea that Heather is really an actress planted in the house to find out “what the girls were talking about off-camera and then raise those issues on-camera.”

She’s been seen “talking to the senior producer almost daily”.

You’re not fooling us, Heather, you scoundrel!

The Mail has done some expert sleuthing or something and discovered that Heather has previously appeared in commercials, and a music video for a band called Zoo City Lads.

That’s the smoking gun.

Cast your mind back to when we first met Heather… acting, or willing to humiliate herself on TV for real? Post continues after video.

Just to check though, we also did some sleuthing and asked for a comment from Shine, the company that makes the show.

They confirmed there were no ‘moles’ and no Grant Bowlers waiting to evict people who don’t know who the mole is.

“There are no ‘moles’ or actors whatsoever planted by production in The Bachelor. That applies to all the Bachelorettes, including Heather who, like all the other Bachelorettes, is simply a girl looking for love like the rest of the Bachelorette’s [sic] on the show,” a rep told me via email.

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