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'Get me out of this car.' Two runner-ups on what filming the finale episode is really like.

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An exotic location, a fancy ball gown and lots of pacing back and forth. It can only mean one thing: The Bachelorette finale.

On Thursday night, we’ll watch bachelorette Angie Kent make her choice between her final two Carlin and Timm, deciding which of the men she wants to have marriage and babies with within precisely two to five years, thank you very much.

There’s (allegedly) no Honey Badger repeat this year, so as we watch former Gogglebox star Angie break the heart of one man (please don’t be Timm) and tell the other she loves him… well, there’s cameramen running around, producers giving orders and lots and lots of waiting around.

Watch the promo for tonight’s Bachelorette finale below. Post continues after video.

You see, filming The Bachelorette finale is no easy feat. It’d probably be a bit easier if they didn’t insist on whisking the final two away to an unnecessary corner of the world, but alas Osher must need to use up the budget he did not get to spend on bizarre games.

Speaking to The Quicky, season two runner up Lisa Hyde, who filmed The Bachelor finale in South Africa, said the location brought some added challenges to filming.

“Waking up on that final morning, I actually had an allergic reaction. I had swollen eyes so they had to postpone to another two days. It wasn’t really good at all, because you’d do anything for love but I really didn’t want to be on TV with big swollen eyes,” she said.


What makes this experience even weirder is the fact that Lisa was surrounded by crew members who already knew the outcome of the show. But they couldn’t tell her.

“When I did get to the final 24 hours it’s a really weird feeling because you just don’t know what’s going to happen. You kind of feel a little bit lost, I think, and no one around you can tell you what’s going to happen. You’re either setting yourself up to spend the rest of your life with someone, or not.”

“Everyone else knows the outcome and you don’t, and so you try to get hints from people and try to find out different things. Obviously the crew can’t say anything, but one crew member from my season, she said ‘You’ll be okay if he doesn’t choose you’.”

Mamamia’s daily news podcast The Quicky speaks to previous Bachelor contestants Lisa Hyde and Lana Jeavons-Fellows about what goes on during finale day. Post continues below audio.

With her allergies under control, filming finally began and as Lisa explained, it’s a long day.

“It’s a massive day because you’re up doing makeup and hair, and then you’re actually doing interviews on camera and then you have to film the whole ending but they do it all separately, obviously you’re not going to cross paths with the other person. It’s a massive day of shooting and it takes forever.”

After bachelor Blake Garvey told her she was not the one, Lisa was bundled into a car and taken to a separate hotel, away from him and winner (but not for long) Sam Frost, with just one minder.

Meanwhile the entire crew, the bach, and his winner were all busy enjoying a wrap party at the other hotel. Oh.

Blake Garvey with his final two Lisa and Sam. Image: Network 10.

Rather than sit inside with a punnet of ice cream, Lisa and her minder had some fun by the hotel pool and bar, and Lisa finally got her hands on her phone after months of being out of touch with the world.

For Lana Jeavons-Fellows, Sam Wood's runner up on season three, production decided against an overseas trip in favour of the Blue Mountains... approximately an hour from Lana's Sydney home. Though she missed out on frequent flyer points, the proximity did mean she was able to digest her experience in a comfortable environment.

After a two day holding pattern in a rural townhouse, meaning she was unable to leave, Lana finally learned that Sam had chosen Snezana over her.

"It wasn't exactly a tropical location but I think it was easier having gone through what I went through just to get in a car, drive an hour, go home and sleep in my own bed that night instead of having to get on a 15 hour flight heartbroken, that would've been miserable."

For Lana, the final day also started very early in the morning and involved a lot of waiting around. After filming her pieces to camera, she was driven to the middle of a paddock where she waited inside a car for... literally hours, before finally filming the final rose ceremony.

sam wood lana jeavons fellows the bachelor australia
Sam and Lana during season three of The Bachelor. Image: Network 10.

Then, well, it was back into a car.

"I was back in this car that I'd been sat in and then you have to film that piece - you know, the drive away piece that they always do - so I had to film that piece and I just remember driving up and down this road and I was like 'Get me out of this car, I'm not going to say anything else'.

"That's quite painful, after having gone through the final rose ceremony to then get put in a car, then have to do that scene and then I remember getting dropped off at a barn and sitting on a stack of hay and waiting... on a barrel of hay in a barn waiting for someone to pick me up.

"I was in a beautiful gown that I picked, which I loved, and I was just sitting in a barn like "Okay, this isn't how I planned my evening to go'."

After filming ends, the bachelorettes really don't have much, if anything, to do with the man they'd gotten to know on our TV screens. If they film their finale overseas, the runner-up will take a separate flight home to the bachelor and his chosen woman.

"I've never seen Blake ever again," Lisa said. "I've spoken to him on the phone, he did ask Sam if he could have my number and give me a call I guess to just see how I was going, but after that you don't really see each other."

Lana explained that after returning to Sydney, the following months waiting for the outcome of the show to air were pretty tough.

"In those four months waiting for the show to air you kind of live a bit of a double life and not really reveal your true feelings on the matter or what the outcome of the show is because then you ruin it for everyone. Then you've obviously got contractual obligations where you can't speak about it."

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