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The best moments from Season 3 of The Bachelor.

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It’s over, guys.

It’s been the highest-rated season yet, and with good reason. There were steamy kisses. There were love confessions. There were broken hearts and go-kart races and a bajillion de-thorned roses.

As voted by you, our Bachelor experts, here are the top Diamond Grade Moments from season three of The Bachelor – the Cute, the Cunning, the Charming, and the Cringeworthy. And, of course, the moment we all waited for – a diamond ring.

1. Cunning.

Our favourite cunning moment brings us all the way back to week one. Remember Sandra? Crazy, loud, in-your-face Sandra? Man, was she great. Sandra started the show with a bang by saying something rude about one of the other girls (shock, horror! Shouldn’t all the girls work as a team to trap Sam into one happy polygamous family? No? Okay).

Reshel told Sandra to be less of a b**** (in more refined terms), so to prove she wasn’t being one, Sandra gathered all twenty girls and passive aggressively explained to (well, at) Reshel why she was the rude one for calling Sandra rude.

Sigh. Good times. #bachlyf.

Remember Sandra? How could you forget…

2. Cute.

Everyone fell in love with Heather by the time she got to the final four. She was cool, laid-back, and a little bit nerdy. Back in week three, we expected she was a little more intense than she was letting on, and judging by how horribly crushed she was when Sam booted her last week, we were right.

In week three, Heather was playing her cards very close to her chest, not telling the other girls about the kiss that she and Sam had shared. And then, when she had a moment alone with him at the cocktail party, she shyly told him that she ‘missed’ him. STOP IT, HEATHER. Ignoring the fact that she missed him because he was busily kissing nine other girls, it was pretty darn cute.

Soz, Heather. Hope someone else buys you a whole bouquet of roses.

She was cool, laid-back, a little bit nerdy – but not The One.

3. Cringeworthy.

There was a clear winner here. Nina did the BEST, most AWKWARD thing of the entire series. During the go-kart race (you know, just another classic moment when the girls were trying to win the Bachelor’s affection by zooming around in tiny cars), Nina and Emily were trying to beat the living daylights out of each other. They actually seemed as though they would like to run each other down on the go-kart track.


Anyway, Emily won the race, pulled into the pit stop… and then a full seven seconds later, Nina crossed the finish line and thought she had won. And then, SHE DID A VICTORY LAP. Oh, the humanity. When she finally pulled in and stopped cheering herself, Osher awkwardly stepped in to congratulate Emily and break the news to Nina that she was only the second-best go-karter on The Bachelor.

She may not have won Bachie Wood’s heart, but she did steal this 4-minute long kiss.

Dayummmmm. Better get some cream for that sting, Nina. Cringe-worthy moment aside (or included), Nina made for some great television, and became Sam’s fifth-favourite girlfriend.

4. Charming.

Sam was pretty charming throughout the season, we gotta say. And the most charming moment, in our reader’s opinions, was when he gave Sarah some REAL DIAMONDS. Sam picked Sarah up for a date and whizzed her away in a limousine (surely, it was his idea, and not the producers… right?). In the limo, Sam reminded Sarah of the tragic moment when she lost her earring on an earlier beach date, never to be found again. So what did Sam do? He gave Sarah some beautiful diamond earrings. Yes, Sam. Yes.

As Sarah said, “honestly, I would have been fine going home after he gave me those earrings”. As it turns out, maybe she should have. Oh well. At least when she got dumped by Sam in the penultimate episode, she got to keep the earrings.


Introducing the extremely good-looking couple.

We couldn’t have been happier when Sam choose Snezana to be his favourite girlfriend (though it was awkward and sad to see Lana get dumped. Don’t worry super-hot Lana. You’re about to get asked out by ten thousand guys, probs). Sam was smitten with Snez from the early days, and when he gave her a diamond ring (commitment ring, not proposal ring… but just as romantic) I was pretty excited. And then he said… wait for it… ‘I love you. So much’.

Sam was smitten with Snez from the early days and he made that clear with this diamond ring.

I’m not gonna lie. I got a bit teary. It was a win for hot single mums everywhere.

Congratulations, Sam and Snezana. For the love of reality television, please make us proud.

Best of luck, kids.

Did you pick Snezana to steal Sam’s heart?