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Faith crying on The Bachelor is all of us who have ever been dumped.

Did anyone else watching The Bachelor feel a sudden surge of affection towards Faith last night?

By the time Richie whittled the rose ceremony down to the final two, the poor woman was openly weeping.

There’s something about a big ugly cry that is just so damn humanising.

Unlike Kiki, with her elegant tears gracefully sliding down her face. She was cool. She was composed. She was… none of us.

On the latest episode of Bach Chat, Amy Cooper fears for the safety of Faith, the love of her life. 

Faith let it all out. She was every last snotty-nosed one of us going through a breakup.

You know the drill, that half hyperventilating wail: ‘Please [sob] don’t [sob] leave [sob] me.’

Meanwhile, he slowly backs away from your tear-streaked face.

We feel you, girl.

It's okay guys, I got this. Source: Channel 10 (screenshot)

We can relate. And so can Kim, queen of the ugly cry.


This is not us.

Cool as a cucumber. Source: Channel 10 (screenshot)

This is us.

Can we hug you now!? Source: Channel 10 (screenshot)

And so is this.

Real tears. Source: Channel 10 (screenshot)

Because let's be honest, if a bloke almost dumped you on national television you'd be an absolute wreck too.

And Richie, I guess we can forgive you for making the girls cry...


'Cause I gotta have faith... (Sorry, it had to be done.)

Listen to the full episode of Bach Chat here: