A Bachelorette wants you to know that last night's episode of The Bachelor was edited.

“Oh well, this is my character for this season ‘villain, boring, princess, high maintenance’.”

A contestant on a reality show has been surprised to learn that the hours of footage she filmed was whittled down to a boring two minutes of action.

Emily Simms, a 32-year-old bachelorette competing for The Bachelor Sam Wood’s heart/body, received a one-on-one date with Sam that aired in last night’s episode.

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On the date they did things most second dates consist of – stripping down to your swimwear, going paddle-boarding, touching legs as they sat on the sand and talking about marriage and babies.

the bachelor emily simms
A snippet of what they actually did show on their date. Image via Channel 10.

But, Emily says, her date was heavily edited. We didn’t see the physical connection she had with Sam. We didn’t see the comical moment she smacked him in the head with a paddle. We didn’t see them pash so much that her Grandma would be shocked.



In a post on Instagram, the 32-year-old beauty therapist felt the need to fill in the blanks of her date with Sam, which was “literally amazing”.

the bachelor emily simms
Emily’s Instagram post slamming the editing. Image via Instagram.

“So this date was literally amazing. So sorry you guys didn’t really get to see it!

As soon as I mastered the paddle boarding (needed to fall off first!!), we both ended up standing on one board, Sam kissed me, we both fell off the board, I clocked him on the head with my paddle as we fell, hilarious.

We then continued kissing in the water, so much so that I was freaking out that my parents, grandma etc would see it! (Kind of glad that wasn’t aired! Haha!).

We then went to the next clue where we had coconuts to drink, and then walked over to where ‘X marks the spot’. We then went and played Frisbee in the water, kissed some more, then back to the picnic rug for champagne, where we chatted for ages. Was so lovely.

Very surprised that me coming back from my single date and talking to the girls wasn’t aired either… Oh well, this is my character for this season “villain, boring, princess, high maintenance”. Really making me laugh now.

This was such a good date, can’t believe it wasn’t shown! Especially me knocking Sam on the head with the paddle! So funny! That would have been good television! Even I was bored watching that… #ohwell #realitytv #hilarious”

This is the second time Emily has spoken out about the insane editing process she’s been subjected to.

After being portrayed, in her words, as a “bitch”, she wrote a rant on Instagram about how upset she was by the way she’s being viewed by audiences.

the bachelor emily simms
Emily’s original Instagram post.

“I have been in tears tonight, not because of the nasty things social media trolls are saying (I wonder if any of you would be brave enough to say it to my face?), but because I am a very sensitive, kind and loving person,” she wrote.

When Emily isn’t writing ‘Insta-rants’, her sister, Kathryn Seamons, is talking to Daily Mail Australia and calling the producers behind The Bachelor ‘bullies’ who have ‘a lot to answer for’.

The most irritating part of this development is that Emily is making it incredibly obvious that she’s angry about her time on the show, which means she probably doesn’t win. Stop with the spoilers, guys. We don’t want them.

Click through the gallery below for some of our favourite hilarious moments from the show.

Are you surprised by Emily’s comments?

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