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"Don't waste her time": Brooke Blurton's not-so-subtle dig at Nick Cummins.


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Well. The past 48 hours have been an absolute whirlwind for The Bachelor community. Nick Cummins made a decision (or, no decision) that not everyone was pleased with, least of all the contestants who spent eight weeks vying for his love, only for him to pick…no one. 

But on Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor, it was Brooke Blurton’s choice to leave on her own terms that left the nation shocked.

The fan favourite decided to head home after doubting her strong feelings were being reciprocated by the Honey Badger. And whilst the 23-year-old social worker has since revealed that her decision was a “thoughtful conclusion” rather than an irrational one, fans were left wondering: is there still a chance for Brooke Blurton and Nick Cummins to find love together?

However on Friday afternoon, the day after the finale aired, Brooke posted to her Instagram Stories with a subtle, but also not-so-subtle, dig that is possibly, very likely, directed at the former rugby star.

“Don’t date an Indigenous woman if you can’t admire & respect her strength & attitude,” the Story read. “That attitude comes from a society and community that hasn’t always valued the treatment of her body & soul in its space.”

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"Don't date an Indigenous woman if you can't admire & respect her strength & attitude." Image via Instagram.

"That means her blood memory has survived a few hundred years of genocide & colonial abuse. Her matriarchs have moved through intergenerational trauma like queens."

"You won't be able to take away her beauty & strength, so don't waste her time if you're not ready for the power of her bloody memory..."

Brooke, who is the only Indigenous woman to have appeared on the Australian Bachelor so far, dedicated the Story to "all my beautiful yorgas".

The reality TV contestant spoke to Mamamia the day after her exit aired, and revealed that despite what it may have seemed, there was nothing Nick Cummins could have said to her in that emotional conversation that could have convinced her to stay.

"I definitely had been thinking about it. It wasn’t just an irrational decision in the rose ceremony. I just wanted it to be before the rose ceremony."

“I had thought about what I really wanted to do and what I was feeling at the time," she told Mamamia.

“You have to listen to your intuition and your gut and I went with my gut and I’m quite happy with that decision.”