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Brooke's plane tattoo, plus everything else that has happened since The Bachelor finale.

Well, that was a bloody rollercoaster. 

After a bunch of dramatic cocktail parties, some bumper double episodes, and far too much PDA, Jimmy Nicholson's season of The Bachelor finally came to an end on Thursday night.

In the final moments of the episode, the producers left us well and truly on the edge of our seats with some Oscar-worthy editing.

While you're here, let's reminisce on the top five Bachelor moments of all time. Post continues below.

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But in the end, Jimmy chose Holly Kingston as his final match, saying goodbye to runner-up Brooke Cleal, who was visibly blindsided by the decision.

But as we all know, it’s often after the finale wraps up that the real drama starts to come out.

Now that Jimmy and the contestants can openly talk about their experience, here's everything that has happened since The Bachelor finale aired.

Jimmy and Holly confirm their relationship.

In the hours after the finale aired, Jimmy and Holly confirmed they were still together, sharing photos with loved-up captions on Instagram.

"It feels so ridiculously good to share with you all that I’ve met my soulmate. It was a rocky road to get there, but I’d do it 10 times over for this guy right here," Holly wrote.


Jimmy shared the same photo on Instagram, declaring that he can't wait to spend the rest of his life with Holly.

"Holly, I cannot begin to describe how lucky I feel to have you in my life. You have been my absolute rock over the past few months and I could never have asked for a more perfect person to walk into my life," he wrote.

"It started with a cheeky wine on the red carpet and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you."


"I am so happy you both found love." Brooke's response to the finale.

As per tradition, The Bachelor runner-up Brooke Cleal also had her say on Instagram after the finale aired.

"Where do I even begin? What a love story. What a rollercoaster. What an experience," Brooke began.

"From the moment I met you on the red carpet Jimmy, you had this cool way about you that instantly made me the quirk ball between us. Your intelligence was highly admired, but the balance with the fun, was even better! We had so much fun on our dates, in fits of laughter, sore cheeks and saying somewhat the silliest cringeworthy things," she continued.

Brooke also reflected on her decision to depart from the show for several episodes following the loss of her grandfather.

"Losing my grandpa halfway through the experience was sadly some of my worst days. Saying goodbye to him provided some closure to at least one part of my life, but it left me questioning if I should return to the mansion. It took a lot of courage, strength and confidence to come back, but that’s the funny thing about grief. It's unpredictable and there’s no right way of doing it," she wrote.


"This love story might be over, but I wish nothing but the best for the beautiful, down-to-earth couple, and I am so happy you both found love."

"It was such a shock to me." Brooke was blindsided by Jimmy's decision.

Although Brooke's Instagram statement was largely positive, it's clear the 27-year-old was blindsided by Jimmy's decision to pick Holly.

Speaking to 10Play following the finale, Brooke admitted she was confident that she was going to win Jimmy's heart.

"It was such a shock to me," she shared.

"When I came back into the mansion, I was confident that it was me. I thought me and him are so strong, I just felt like I had something so special and unique with him that I hadn’t really felt or seen before."

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During the final moments of Thursday night's episode, Brooke expressed her sadness at Jimmy's decision to end their relationship in Alice Springs.

"That place means so much to me. My sister lives there, there is so much meaning. It just made the heartbreak 10 million times worse. And he knew that," she shared.

"I don’t know what was going through his head, I don’t think he wanted to let me go."

Fans spot Brooke's plane tattoo.

During Thursday night's finale, viewers pointed out that runner-up Brooke Cleal had a tattoo of a plane in a heart on her forearm, leading fans to question whether Brooke got the tattoo for pilot Jimmy.


But after some sneaky Instagram sleuthing, it's clear that Brooke got the tattoo before she appeared on The Bachelor.


Thank. Goodness. For. That.

The producers weren't happy about Steph's private Instagram account.

Unlike previous seasons, this year's contestants on The Bachelor reportedly handed over their Instagram passwords to Channel 10 to avoid leaks on social media.

According to the So Dramatic! podcast, contestants were offered $5,000 to sign a contract regarding the "social media freeze period".

But if the contract was broken, the contestants would lose the $5,000 bonus.

Although the contestants largely abided by the new rule, one contestant, Stephanie Lynch, broke the rules by creating a private Instagram account and sharing that she was leaving the show before her exit aired. Steph also shared photos from her Bachelor viewing party on the night Jimmy kicked her out of the mansion.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Steph will reportedly lose her $5,000 bonus for breaching the social media contract.

"I'll be surprised if her Instagram even gets verified to be honest," a source claimed. 

"They want to send a message to stop future contestants from breaking the rules."

It turns out Jay previously dated the New Zealand Bachelor.


On Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelor, Jay Lal was sent home, narrowly missing a spot in the finale.

Jay was sent home shortly after her friend told Jimmy at hometowns that she had dated a man in the public eye before.

During Jimmy and Jay's final date, Jay admitted that her ex is the New Zealand Bachelor. (After some online sleuthing, we discovered she was talking about this year's star of The Bachelor New Zealand, Moses Mackay). 


"It was awkward and so irrelevant. I dated this guy when I was 26, and I'm 32 now. It was a long, long time ago," Jay told Mamamia on Thursday.

"When I dated him, he was not on The Bachelor New Zealand. He was an opera singer. And it was a short-term relationship," she added.

"It wasn't until about five days before I went into filming for The Bachelor that I found out that he was going to be The Bachelor New Zealand, so it was all quite funny and a huge coincidence."

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