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"There was tension." The Bachelor's Brianna on what living in the mansion was really like.

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Living in The Bachelor mansion for weeks, possibly months on end, sounds… difficult.

Sure, you get to hang out with your new friends who also happen to share your new boyfriend, feed the resident alpacas (Osher… why?) and play games that make precisely zero sense, but you’re also living with drama.

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And if you’re on this season of Bachie, there’s a lot of drama.

Brianna, who left the show after Wednesday night’s ‘live rose ceremony’, told Mamamia the drama we’ve seen between frontrunner Abbie – including last week’s #DogGate scandal with Monique and this week’s confrontations with Sogand – played out on screen as they happened in real life.

The 24-year-old explained that the drama meant there was definitely tension in the mansion, but Brianna was not down for that. She said she managed to avoid getting involved, which made her time filming a lot more fun.

“There was tension between certain people, those who were involved in the drama which makes sense. But everyone who was in the middle of it was fine. So much stuff happens, you have to move past it,” she said.

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Following her exit, the drama that has plagued Abbie continued when Sogand accused her of being the reason Brianna was sent home.

Earlier in the day, Abbie and Brianna had survived a truly brutal group date where the women had to rank themselves against each other for a number of personality traits: Who was the most fun? The most passionate? The most honest?

It was weird and totally unnecessary, but also great TV. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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We feel uncomfortable.

Despite how it played out, Brianna doesn't agree with Sogand.

"Obviously, regardless Abbie was going to win [because they already had a connection]," Brianna explained.

"The tension between Sogand and Abbie, and Sogand's opinion of her - she may have thought that because she thought Abbie was putting on an act. I expected it because Abbie already had a connection with him."

Even after being told she wasn't going to receive a rose, Brianna kept her cool. She told Mamamia she was immediately loaded into the limo and didn't get to say goodbye to the other women, which was what stopped her from getting emotional.


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She knew it was her time to leave.

"I had barely spent any time with Matt," she said, explaining that she and the Bach spoke so little it became a joke within the mansion.

"Everyone that was left already had a connection with Matt, so I was definitely expecting to go," adding that she was "fine" and hadn't developed feelings for him.

As for her lack of screen time, well, that she expected too.

That is, after all, the price you pay for keeping yourself out of the drama on a reality TV show.

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