BACH FLUFF: We now know what that bizarrely blurred sash actually said.

Video by MWN

Generally speaking, Wednesday night’s premiere of The Bachelor was.. confusing.

But there was one thing in particular that especially piqued our interest, mainly because producers made a genuine effort to conceal it from us. Which of course, only made us want to know MORE.

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If we may speak candidly, I think we can all agree none of us ever really remember much about the first two Bachelorettes to get the boot.

But Stacey’s mysterious blurry sash has kept us wondering hours after she was fatefully escorted back to reality in a limo.

the bachelor blurred sash
WHY THO? (Image: Ten)

So we did what we do here at Mamamia, and deep dived to get to the bottom of this extremely important and not at all trivial matter.

Just as the 26-year-old from Queensland said herself, the sash in question reads 'Miss V8 Supercars, Miss Personality 2015'...


... Which one can see it right here on this lovely promo image of Stacey on Ten's website.

Mystery solved. (Image: Ten)

But as to why said sash blurred out on the show but not in the promo photos, turns out the reason doesn't seem conspiratorial in the slightest, rather a run of the mill, pre-production mix up. Something technical like the rights for images and TV footage being different.


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Now that's all said and done, I guess Australia can go back to focusing on the remaining 20 ladies battling out for Matty's heart.

But part of us remains sad we'll never get to know the presumably cracking personality that won Stacey her sash.

Such is life, eh?