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1. “You look like a fool.” What Matt said to Monique behind the scenes on The Bachelor.

Monique Morley’s Bachelor experience can only be described as dramatic after the lingerie designer was caught out for calling Matt Agnew a… dog, er, c-word.

Although she can’t exactly remember whether she said it or not, she has revealed there was a great deal that happened behind-the-scenes which wasn’t shown on our screens. Including a blunt conversation she shared with Matt.

Talking to News Corpthe 26-year-old from New South Wales recalled Matt, 32, telling her she would “look like a fool” for her behaviour.

Watch Matt ask Monique to leave The Bachelor. Post continues below video.

Video via Network 10

“I said to him, ‘Look, I could make it all better and sit here and just say, yeah, I said it, I’m sorry, but I didn’t come in here lying and I’m not going to lie now, and I’d rather leave and look like a fool than lie to you right now and make it all better’,” Monique told the publication.

“And he said, ‘Yeah you do look like a fool on TV’ and I was like, ‘You know what, I’m going to stay true to myself, so I’m OK with that’.”

Speaking to Mamamia on Friday, Monique shared that she has reached out to Abbie Chatfield, the contestant who told Matt about her alleged comments.

“I reached out to her because obviously this is a hard journey. I said ‘Look, no matter what happened in The Bachelor if you ever need someone to talk to or anything like that, it’s fine’ but since watching it I don’t have any plans on being friends with her.”

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2. Oh. So we know who the top five are in The Bachelor.


We’re only six episodes into the 2019 season of The Bachelor, and we already know the names of the final five contestants vying for the heart of the Bachelor, Matt Agnew.


According to images obtained by the Daily Mail, they are…

*drum roll please*

Abbie Chatfield 

Co-conspirator of the woof woof / dog c-word scandal.


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Helena Sauzier

Went on a solo date with Matt. It looked promising but he was distracted by dog-gate.


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Chelsie McLeod

Current front runner after last night’s food fight date.


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Elly Miles

The episode one favourite, who won the Bachelor’s Golden Ticket which led to a one-on-one date in Matt’s home-city of Melbourne. Gai Waterhouse also made an appearance.


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Emma Roche



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Bachelorettes Abbie, Helena, Chelsie and Elly comes as pretty much no surprise, however Emma is a more curious addition. As of yet, the 32-year-old fashion brand manager has yet to go on a single date with Matt, however we’re guessing that’s set to change very soon.


3. Miley Cyrus has released an entire song about her break up with Liam Hemsworth.

Five days after Miley Cyrus confirmed her separation with Liam Hemsworth, Cryus has shared her first post-breakup ballad.

The song is called ‘Slide Away’ and while we don’t want to overstep, the lyrics do feel a little autobiographical.


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Abs like a ninja turtle ????

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So far, our favourite lines include…

  • Once upon a time, it was paradise / One upon a time, I was paralysed / Think I’m gonna miss these harbour lights / But it’s time to let it go
  • Baby, we were found, but now we’re lost / So it’s time to let it go
  • So won’t you slide away / Back to the ocean / I’ll go back to the city lights
  • Move on, we’re not seventeen / I’m not who I used to be
  • I want my house in the hills / Don’t want the whisky and pills

There’s no music video as of yet, but the holding image of her YouTube audio clip is an empty bottle of liquor (we’re guessing whisky) and several empty prescription bottles, and pills floating in the water. It’s pretty damning considering the recent rumours which suggest Liam’s excess partying was the cause for their split.

“Everyone always thinks Miley is problematic and immature and a hardcore partier while he’s this chill surfer dude, but that’s actually [not accurate],” said a source to PEOPLE.

“Liam parties with his friends, and Miley thinks he should’ve grown out of that by now.”

4. “We have a very unconventional marriage.” Kaley Cuoco and her husband don’t live together.

Kaley Cuoco, 33, and her husband Karl Cook, 28, have been married for a year but they have yet to figure out their full time marital home.


And up to this point, they’ve been completely happy with their decision to do so.

Speaking to E! News, the former The Big Bang Theory actress said while the big move is imminent, they’re in no rush to do so.

“We’re building our dream house and we’re eventually going to be under the same roof forever,” she said.

“We have a very unconventional marriage, you know. We have different locations that we’re at a lot. We’re not together every single day.”


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Cuoco and Cook aren’t the only celebrity couple who’ve chosen this unorthodox living arrangement.

Despite being married since Septemebr 2018, Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk still keep separate LA properties, as do Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, and Julie Roberts and Danny Moder.

As they say, each to their own.

5. The 9 things you may have missed in The Handmaid’s Tale season 3, episode 13, Mayday.

the handmaid's tale season 3 episode 13
Image: SBS.

Warning: This article contains MANY spoilers for The Handmaid’s Tale season 3, episode 13, Mayday (and the rest of the season!)

I… am… not okay.

My eyes are red and puffy and… wet. Very wet.

Was it possible to watch the scene of the children getting off the plane in Canada – of young Kiki/Rebecca reuniting with her father, of Luke desperately hoping to see Hannah, and of Rita’s tight hug and admission that June did this – without crying? I really don’t think so.

(I still have absolutely no clue why Moira, Luke and Emily would all be present for the arrival of a plane from Gilead, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

June didn't make it out, because of course she didn't, but her decision to sacrifice her own freedom to ensure the freedom of so many children was pretty on-brand. Then when the Marthas and Handmaids (sweet Janine!) came to help her... ah, sh*t, I'm crying again.

Commander Lawrence stayed behind to "clean up his mess" which seems... impossible because DUDE THEY'LL JUST PUT YOU ON THE WALL, but okay.

And the Waterfords. It's still so satisfying to see them locked up, isn't it? Even if Serena got a small taste of freedom early in the episode, Fred played his trump card and got her arrested for sexually assaulting Nick and June.

Read Mamamia's full article with all the details on what you may have missed in The Handmaid's Tale season 3, episode 13, Mayday.

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