BACH STYLE: The biggest beauty question from The Bachelor has finally been answered.

Since watching The Bachelor last night, there’s one thing I haven’t been able to get off my mind.

No, it wasn’t just the scary parallels the show is having to The Handmaid’s Tale.

We need to talk about the sorcery that was Jennifer’s makeup.

Image: The Bachelor/TenPlay

After feeling shortchanged about her casting in the '80s inspired photoshoot for Women's Day, the marketing manager dived head first into the pool to pose closer to Matty.

When she emerged from the water, her makeup had not moved. Not even a centimetre. There was not even a HINT of smudged mascara.

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Image: TenPlay/TheBachelor

Meanwhile I just have to breathe to end up with mascara halfway down my face.

Viewers responded in disbelief.

I mean LOOK.


Mind. Blown.

So what were the magic products behind the completely waterproof look? We spoken to the Helen Dowsley, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette makeup artist behind it.

Interesting, the look was created entirely with cruelty free products.

"We are using an amazing Australian vegan product called Harlotte Cosmetics. They are filled with strong pigment to help enhance the look," she told Mamamia.

"We didn't Jennifer was going to get wet but whenever we are shooting around water I always have my team prepare with waterproof looks."

Image: TenPlay

Dowsley also shared a great tip for making your existing makeup a little more waterproof.


"Mix non oily makeup remover to eyeshadow and apply. I also mix a little in with mascara to give it that extra kick not to come off," she says.

While your reasons for requiring budge-proof makeup might be erm, slightly different, to Jen's, there are plenty of waterproof options on the market.

According to INGLOT marketing manager and professional makeup artist Courtney Sinclair, the best water resistant foundations will be silicone based and best applied with a brush or a sponge.

She recommends the INGLOT HD Perfect Cover Foundation, $49, which although water based contains silicone meaning it will hold on for a very long time and is also full coverage.

Jennifer has caused a stir so far on The Bachelor. Image: TenPlay

"Apply a setting spray like Makeup Fixer, $24, on the top of makeup, especially if you're going to be sweating or going in water as it will help things stay on," she says.

Celebrity makeup artist Chantelle Baker, who was also the makeup artist on 2013's Celebrity Splash which saw Aussie celebs learn to dive, also has some tried and tested recommendations for waterproofing your makeup.

"Look for creamy based makeup like stick foundation as you want less powder, more cream. It gives you really full coverage with an almost waxy base so when water comes on, it just slides off," she says.


"It's the same deal for cheeks. Becca Cosmetics does a great waterproof cheek stain Beach Tint, $45, and I even use cream on the eyes. Makeup For Ever Aqua Cream, $38, is an eyeshadow that is a waxy base as well, it's amazing. They don't move. If someone is quite oily, that would be my go-to, because it won't budge.

The waterproof mascara she swears by is Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara, $12.95.

"It's literally the best. It doesn't smudge and it's great for the smaller hairs. The waterproof version is always in my kit."

Ultimately, she says don't overdo it.

"Keep it simple, don't overcake and lots of dabbing [when applying]," she says.

"There are lots of waterproof products on the market but I think it's also because people just want the longevity and no smudges!"

What are your go-to waterproof makeup products? Tell us below.