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"The ending of this episode deserves a Logie." The best reactions to The Bachelor's shutdown.

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Oh... dear.

Although it feels like we've been living in a global pandemic for approximately four years, we've just relived the horror of March 2020 on national television.

Yes, COVID-19 has finally reached the flower-laden depths of The Bachelor mansion and things are getting serious.

The Bachelor's Locky Gilbert decorates a cake while answering rapid-fire questions. Post continues below.

Video via Mamamia.

On tonight's episode of the reality show, Osher announced that the World Health Organisation had declared coronavirus a global pandemic, meaning states had closed their borders, pubs and restaurants had closed, and people were working from home. (Ah, the memories). 

But later on, post rose ceremony, Osher pulled Locky aside to let him know that production on the show simply couldn't continue.

"This pandemic is really serious. The number of people infected is doubling every two to three days. Everything is locking down to keep people safe," Osher told Locky.

"I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that it's kind of now impossible for us to keep everybody here safe. We have to stop production," he continued.

"We want to make sure you get what you came here to find.

"It's not worth risking. You're going to have to say to goodbye to all of them tonight." 

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Osher then told the contestants that they had to say goodbye to Locky, and everyone cried and hugged, etc.


It was... a lot.

Here's how Twitter reacted to The Bachelor's dramatic shutdown:


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