‘It’s all real,’ says Snezana. ‘It’s real awkward,’ says Sam Wood.

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This is it, team.

We’re in the home stretch when it comes to The Bachelor Australia. It *should* end in a couple of weeks, unless the producers decide to pull the old “let’s drag this out for another year and just film Sam Wood living a happy life with his five sister wives”.


The season has been filled with more drama than a day in Kim Kardashian‘s life. From ridiculous rumours of eight million pregnancies to public bullying across Instagram feeds, it’s going to be hard to beat this season when it comes to the dramatic factor.

Click through the gallery below for some of the best parts of this season. Post continues after gallery.

With the end in (distant) sight, we’re looking back at the most entertaining stories of the week when it comes to Bachelor Sam Wood and his team of merry girlfriends. From sexual frustration to awkward run ins, the life of a Bachelor must be pretty tough. Won’t somebody please think of Sam in all this?

In no particular order…

1. Snezana throws Emily Simms and her ‘edited’ behaviour under the figurative ice cream truck.

Very legitimate contender Snezana with her Pantene-ad hair and her nine-year-old daughter has denied reports of heavy editing on the show and said it’s as real as can be.

snezana featured
Snezana. No editing required. Image via Network Ten.

In an interview with Popsugar, 34-year-old Snezana said everything that was said on the show was accurate.

“It is on a TV show and you do have cameras and everything around you but the emotions are real,” she said.

“Everything is real. What you say is real. People aren’t telling you to say things, people aren’t making you feel things… it’s all real.”

This comes after former contestant Emily Simms, 31, has been attempting to clear her name across Instagram and tabloids by saying the editing in the show made her look mean but she’s actually a really nice person.

emily 2
Emily didn’t like the editing that Snezana said didn’t exist. Image via Network Ten.

‘I could never be cruel to another person,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I am nothing like a b**ch. Reality shows decide the ‘characters’ for each of us before they even start filming.”

Hmm. Moving on..

2. Sam Wood awkwardly turned up to a bar in Melbourne and ran into three ex contestants.

One of my favourite things about The Bachelor Australia is that, for a few months afterwards, the contestants become local celebrities. They score invites to every bar opening, every movie premiere, every race day. They forget their professions and get to be socialites – just for a little while. So awkwardly, the Melbourne-based Bachelorettes were at a bar in Melbourne when their ex-leader, Sam Wood, walked in.

the bachelor week six
He probably did this… Image via Network Ten.

“I bumped into three of the girls, that are Melbourne girls, just after getting back from shooting, in a slightly awkward encounter,” Sam said on the Fitzy and Wippa show.

Running into three of your ex-girlfriends in the same place? That’s unlucky.

3. Sam’s more sexually frustrated than a teenage boy with no Internet access.

There have been a few moments in the show where Sam’s pashing his pick of the day and you can just tell he doesn’t want to end the kiss. That’s not because he really likes her. Apparently, it’s because a dirty pash is as far as they’re allowed to go. An “insider” spoke to 2Day Fm hosts Dan and Maz about whether the contestants and Sam get up to any action, but it turns out nothing more than first base is allowed.

Because this is a 34-year-old unmarried man and that would just be WRONG.

the bachelor week three
This is all he gets. I hope you savored that four minutes, Sam. Image via Network Ten.

Apparently, the source (who is most definitely a producer on the show) said the other producers are pretty quick to run in and either stop or film any action that goes on. We also found out that there have been some “sneaky kisses” off camera, but that’s it. Poor Sam. And poor everyone else. Months in that house with nothing? It would make anyone crazy.

4. Sarah probably just revealed a big spoiler.

WARNING. I’m going to put a very obvious spoiler in the next sentence, so don’t get mad at me if you’re not ready for it, okay?

sarah 1
SOZ, SPOILERS. Image via Network Ten.

Sarah, the only blonde left in the show, had a pretty great third date with her boyfriend last night on the show. But after the date aired, an article from OK! Magazine came out with quotes from Sarah saying her and Sam just aren’t in the same place.

“I wasn’t in the same frame of mind when it came to settling down and having kids,” she said.

“He really wanted children straight away, whereas I wanted to travel with my partner and find out everything about him, live with him first and then maybe in the next two years start thinking about children.”

THANKS A LOT, SARAH (or more likely, OK! Magazine, who decided to publish the story before she was eliminated). It’s pretty obvious you don’t win now.

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