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1. Oh. Apparently there was a ghost named Colin who haunted the Bachelor contestants.

We’re in the final week of The Bachelor, and some very important Bachie news has just dropped.

Apparently The Bachelor mansion is haunted, and no it’s not the spirit of past Bachelor contestants hanging around for a rose.

Nope, it’s a ghost named… Colin.

Helena Sauzier, one of the final three contestants, told NW Magazine, “I shared a room with Chelsie and our ghost Colin too. He also caused us a few sleepless nights in the mansion.”

Despite his scary name, Helena insists Colin was a welcome guest, and he even ended up helping the two girls.

“Chelsie and I told the other girls our room in the mansion was haunted by Colin the ghost so they wouldn’t move in with us,” she told the magazine.

“They were actually scared of him, but he was a friendly ghost!”


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But contestant Rachael Arahill claims the ghost might not be so innocent.

According to the Daily Mail, Rachel joked that Colin was stealing the girl’s tops and that’s the reason why they were posting topless selfies around the mansion.


Spooky stuff.

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2. We just discovered Adam from Gogglebox is Josh from The Block’s younger brother and woah.

Adam Densten revealed on Gogglebox this week that he is not the only reality TV star in his family and it all makes sense now.

Adam’s friend and co-star Symon exclaimed: “That’s your bro,” as the two watched The Block in Gogglebox’s most recent episode. 

In an interview with Now to Love, Adam shared his excitement for his brother.

“My 21st birthday was the day of The Block open houses – which was such an exciting way to spend my 21st birthday. But he’s been on two seasons of The Block and Reno Rumble, so watching him on there is pretty normal.”

Adam joked that he was excited to tell his brother about the guest appearance on Gogglebox, but Josh was less than enthusiastic in his response.

“I texted him the other night to say that I watched it [The Block] and that it will be on TV, and he just wrote back, ‘yeah, cool’.”


3. “We made plans for me to move.” The Bachelor’s Abbie believes Matt is in love with her.


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On Thursday night, Australia will finally find out who Matt Agnew has chosen to have babies with.

Will it be Abbie Chatfield (who Matt shares sexual chemistry with), Chelsie McLeod (who Matt shares a love of chemistry with) or Helena Sauzier (who Matt brought back from the brink of a breakup on their hometown date)?

Ahead of The Bachelor 2019 finale, TV WEEK spoke to all three remaining contestants about what life with Matt would look like outside of the Bach mansion.

When it comes to 24-year-old Abbie, she believes the 32-year-old bachelor is in love with her.

“From hometowns, I started to write things down that he would say because I was going crazy overthinking things he’d said,” she admits. “There was one thing that he said, which was, ‘My feelings are tracking the same as yours,'” she told the publication.

“We made plans for me to move to Melbourne once filming finishes,” she gushes. “We also agreed on getting a German Shepherd!”


While Abbie and Chelsie said they wouldn’t accept a proposal from Matt on live TV (they have a three to five year plan, guys), Helena said she’d happily accept a “promise ring”.

Now, all that’s left to do is wait for Matt to tell us, and all three women, who he will actually choose.

4. “He was quite flirtatious” Courtney Love claims Prince Andrew arrived at her house “looking for sex”.

Courtney Love has claimed Prince Andrew arrived at her house at 1am, attempting to seduce her shortly after she was introduced to the royal.

“I was in bed when the doorbell rang at 1am, so I put on my fluffy slippers and a dressing gown, and the Queen’s second son was standing there with a protection officer, totally unannounced,” she said to a friend.

“He said he had got my address from a mutual friend and was looking to have a fun night in Hollywood, and apparently I could show him a good time.”

prince andrew sarah ferguson scandals
Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson and Prince Andrew. Image: Getty.

She explained that she offered to make Andrew a cup of tea and when they sat down on the couch, "he got quite flirtatious."

“Of all the things that have happened in my life, this truly is one of the most surreal things – and that is saying something.”

5. Everything we know about the rumour Matt Agnew 'does a Blake Garvey' and dumps Chelsie after the finale.


There’s a rumour going around that Matt Agnew does a Blake Garvey after The Bachelor finale and we need to unpack this immediately.


Allow us to cast your mind back to 2014 when we watched Blake propose to Sam Frost in the finale… only to dump her after the show for third runner up Louise Pillidge.

It was a lot. But now apparently, we’re in for a bit of déjà vu.

New Idea is reporting that Chelsie McLeod, who has long been the front runner for Matt’s heart, is “distancing herself from the franchise” and “refusing to do interviews”.

An insider told the magazine Chelsie had been turning down recent media appearances and was “really down”.

who wins the bachelor 2019

Chelsie is the bookmaker’s pick for the winner, and we at Mamamia also think it’s pretty likely.

The chemical engineer lives a 10 minute walk away from the astrophysicist in Melbourne, is in the middle of the top three photo (which is usually a pretty accurate giveaway), and all of the dumped former contestants have given her the green flag.

New Idea suggests she does indeed win, but the romance has since fizzled.

Read our earlier article where we unpack the theory, here.

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