BACH FLUFF: Everyone has Elora's name wrong and we would like to set the record straight.

Following Elora’s (low-key heartbreaking) elimination on Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor, I did what every bored/lonely/inquisitive person does when their stories have finished.

I did a deep dive of Elora’s post-exit interviews, where she expressed how she really felt, opened up about whether she was angry at Matty, and ruthlessly told of who she hated in the house, etc.

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In all honesty, I’d read something earlier in the day about how she had a meltdown when she was eliminated, and filmed a Snapchat video of her burning all her Bachelor memorabilia. And yes, it was important that this information be followed up.

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But as I read about how she felt “disrespected” when Matty skipped the cocktail party, and thought the game with the boxes was “atrocious,” I noticed something.

A number of publications were claiming Elora‘s name is Elora Tahiti. 

‘Wait,’ I thought. ‘I’m pretty sure she’s from Tahiti, but that doesn’t mean her last name is Tahiti’.


Quotes from the 27-year-old were then attributed to 'Tahiti,' as in: “I always had an idea from day one that Laura was going to be one of the top ones,” ­Tahiti said.


It made me... uncomfortable.


But... I guess someone's surname could also coincidentally be the country they're from? It would be strange, but definitely possible.

Then I thought of something.

It's her Instagram handle.

Elora (rose emoji) Tahiti (rose emoji) is Elora's Instagram name, and maybe, just MAYBE these publications thought that because it's her Instagram name, it must also be her real name.

A much deeper search, however, (LinkedIn, I stalked her LinkedIn) shows that Elora's full name is actually Elora Murger, and yes, she's often referred to in the context of The Bachelor as a "Tahitian goddess".

People... pls.


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Many of us will be familiar with the awkward moment someone refers to a mutual friend (or acquaintance) as their Facebook name, which isn't actually their real name. I... cringe. My face burns up. I want to correct them but also don't, because the world is really the Internet now, and we just take momentary breaks from it by engaging in reality.

This is an important lesson for us all.

Social media names are not necessarily real names. Especially when that name also doubles up with a significant detail about that person (e.g. 'Tahiti,' 'surfer,' 'the real,' etc).

Don't make that mistake. It's... uncomfortable.

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