The celebrity look-a-likes from this season of The Bachelor that are blowing our minds.

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Excuse me.

I’ve done a thing.

You see, while watching The Bachelor this week I noticed that some of the contestants looked a lil’ bit familiar.

Romy (when she isn’t attacking Honey Badger’s neck with her mouth) looks a lot like Shelley Craft and Dasha bares a striking resemblance to Married At First Sight’s Davina Rankin.

I then sent the rest of the contestant’s photos off to the “minor celebrities that look like other minor celebrities” lab and the results were… interesting. 

It’s enough to make the Honey Badger say “Holy Strewth! It’s like a galah swapped their face with another galah and now there’s two galahs that look the same and I’m eating some salmon and doin’ a confused”.

So, in the interest of comparing people’s faces to other people’s faces, take a gander at this year’s bachie look-a-likes:

Romy – Shelley Craft

the bachelor australia contestants
Romy looks a lil' bit like a certain reality TV judge. Image: Instagram.

Sophie - Lara Worthington

the bachelor australia contestants
Is it just us or are Sophie and Lara Bingle very similar? Image: Instagram.

Brittany - Lorelai Gilmore

the bachelor australia contestants
Brittany looks like our favourite TV mum. Image: Instagram.

Emily - Rory Gilmore

the bachelor australia contestants
Emily's definitely the Rory Gilmore of the bachelor mansion. Image: Instagram.

Christina - Anna Heinrich

the bachelor australia contestants
Christina looks like a certain past Bach winner. Image: Instagram.

Shannon - Sam Frost

the bachelor australia contestants
Shannon looks like Sam Frost. Image: Instagram.

Dasha - Davina Rankin

the bachelor australia contestants
Dasha kind of reminds us of another reality TV villain. Image: Instagram.

Have you spotted any other look-a-likes? Tell us about it in the comments below.