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Here is what 'The Bachelor' looks like around the world.

Get the champagne on ice, put those roses in water and bring out the dirty street pies. Because the Bachelor is nearly back.

We are close everyone. So close, we can practically taste the fake tan and desperation. And we could not be more excited.

We’ve been tempted with snippets of Australia’s newest Bachie, personal trainer and managing director of a fancy-pants children’s sports and fitness program Gecko Kids, 34-year-old Sam Wood.

Rosie and Bachie Sam (Image: Instagram)

Over the coming weeks, we will no doubt get to know our Australian Bachelor quite well. But what about the others? The Bachelor is a hit in 17 countries, and with a little help from Fusion, we have put together a list of just a few of our favourites.


The home of The Bachelor finished it’s 19th season at the start of this year with 33-year-old farmer Chris Soules. Who actually has the most perfect teeth we have ever seen.

Image: Instagram


You’re HOT, aye? Canada’s Tim Warmels is an office favourite. The 29-year-old is an investment-banker who models and just so happens to design furniture on the side. Designs furniture? He’s practically Magic Mike. Just more clothes. And more roses.

Tim Canada feature
Image: City

New Zealand. 

Arthur ‘Art’ Green is New Zealand’s first Bachelor. He is a clean-eating Paleo man with six sisters.

the bachelor
Image: TV3


Gianluca Perino is Italian born and lives in Sao Paulo . So, you know. He’s got that going for him. However he has only 81 followers on Twitter. We didn’t watch the series, but we’re a little confused as to his teeny-tiny fan base.

Gianluca Brazil feature

United Kingdom.

The UKs last Bachelor was no stranger to ‘reality’ TV. Made in Chelsea star, renowned lothario Spencer Matthew was the star of the show’s 2012 season. If you’ve ever watched the scripted reality program about really posh English people doing really posh English things, you won’t be surprised Spencer didn’t find a long lasting love.

SpencerUK feature
Image: Channel 5


Meet Paul…

That’s it. Just Paul. Like Madonna. Or Beyonce. Paul.

Paul is a financial consultant who works in Singapore. He was the Bachelor for France’s 2014 series.

the bachelor.
Image: NTI

So there you have it, global Bachies.

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