Applicants for The Bachelor must answer really awkward questions about their sex lives.


People are weird.

Even the most normal-seeming among us are probably closet freaks, especially those willing to conduct awkward mating rituals on national television.

That’s why it was important for producers of The Bachelor to ensure the suitors they chose for our sweet Sams Frost and Wood didn’t have secret 50 Shades-style sex dungeons, a history of public nudity, or a Nick Giannopoulos fan-club membership.

Look at the “debacle” that was Suzi Taylor on The Block, or The Blocktagon, or The Blockade, or The Non-stop Block of Block Block Block, or whatever the block it was called.

In order to minimise the likelihood of outlandish on-set behaviour or embarrassing off-set revelations, potential The Bachelor contestants must fill out a comprehensive form made up of 11 sections.

All these people are apparently sane and STI-free.

The form asked some pretty invasive questions of the women, many of which related to their sex lives.

The AAP reports that the mandatory questions include, “How many sexual partners have you had? Male? Female?” and “Do you have any skeletons in your closet, e.g. jilted lovers, sex tapes, authorised photos?”

Yep, in order to get a rose, Bachie hopefuls must divulge how they lost their cherry.

The contestants also must undergo STI tests and basically reveal all of their secrets to the producers.

I guess they’re trying to avoid this kind of situation… Post continues after video.


Other questions pertain to the applicants’ drug-use, their history of mental illness, their relationship with their parents, and even how many tattoos they have.

None of the questions were about how many tattoos your parents have, unfortunately for Sasha Mielczarek, because he’d have had a really detailed answer.

Sasha’s dad has some, um, interesting art. Image: Instagram.

The questionnaire was for women hoping to be chosen for this season of The Bachelor, so it’s not clear if the application form for men hoping to be on The Bachelorette asks the same questions.

It appears The Bachelor hopefuls were not put off by having to reveal whether they’ve ever seen a psychologist or the names of all of their past boyfriends. The AAP reports that Channel 10 has said there have been more contestants than ever before for the 2016 season.

Applications are open until the end of January.

Bring it on – and let’s hope a few crazies slipped through the nets.

We contacted Channel 10 but at the time of writing have not received a response.