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Mamamia recaps The Bachelor: You can't just call someone... that.

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We open on a very good girl letting herself into the mansion. 

She's heard the rumour that one woman is about to call another woman a naughty word and she'd like to be here for it. 

"Jimothy promised me drama." 

Billie (the dog) decides Holly should get the single date and Stephanie is gearing up to call her a right kent. 

Jimothy takes Holly and Billie stand up paddle boarding in the rain. They both have a lil drown and Jimothy saves... Billie first. 

Back at the mansion, Stephanie is telling her good friend Sierah and a terrified looking woman named Stevie that spending the day with Holly would be like eating nails. 

She also says she hopes she doesn't get a rose because that would be like pouring a bucket of cold water over her stupid face. 

It turns out Stephanie really likes metaphors and also... aggression. 

Stevie asks whether Stephanie parents ever taught her if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, and Sierah looks genuinely baffled. 

It's never occurred to her not to say each and every thought that pops into her head. 

Stephanie says this is the "real her" and honestly we're looking forward to knowing her for approximately the next 45 minutes. 

Jimothy takes Holly back to the bach pad and warms her up a nice lil TV dinner in the microwave. 

Apparently Osher got them a two for one deal at the local IGA. 

Such unnecessary tongs.  


After eating their 325 grams of microwaved pasta, Jimothy and Holly sit on a feelings couch and have a lil pash. 

She gets a rose! 

Every player wins a prize! 


Osher is here, and he's very excited about his "compatibility maze" and his cute lil bell. 

"YOU'RE KILLING ME"  Stephanie says she's very excited about the maze and she hopes the other girls break their legs. 

Brooke finishes the maze first and Stephanie definitely doesn't because all of her answers are "cut a b*tch" and also "kents". 


Jimothy and Brooke sit in the middle of the maze and talk about their feelings and feed each other strawberries and it's sweet and all but we was promised unnecessary drama and swears. 


Jimothy arrives at the cocktail party and immediately takes Holly for a chat. 

She says she's going to "get murdered for this" and look, she's not wrong. 

Stephanie decides this would be the perfect time to tell sweet, little innocent Brooke that she thinks Holly is a... kent. 


Brooke says it's not in her nature to be a gossip but she's 100 per cent gonna gossip about this. 

She tells a couple of the other women and then Holly comes over and they all tell her. 

Then Stephanie and the rest of the women come inside and Holly straight up asks her whether she called her a kent approximately three minutes ago. 

Stephanie says she definitely didn't say that and some clever producer rewinds the tape back to this glorious moment. 



A producer asks Stephanie if she did or did not say that about Holly and she's says hand on her heart she has no recollection of saying that. 

Then this happens: 



Stephanie gets a rose. 

Two women who have called absolutely no one a kent are sent home. 


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