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Let us present our theory that proves Bella 100 per cent, hands down wins The Bachelor.

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The Bachelor is back. And my goodness, the first episode did not disappoint.

We were introduced to 23 women, including one wearing a penguin suit, and another who believed she was under attack because of the colour of her... hair. 

If you missed the first episode, here's what to expect this season of The Bachelor. Post continues below.

Video via Channel 10

But besides the copious amounts of entertainment, there were a few sparks between Locky and the ladies. One in particular, that has us convinced about who the winner is.

Let us explain.

Throughout last night's episode, our Bachelor Locky met many women. And most of the time, we would get a little glimpse of them and then it was onto the next.

But not with Bella.

The last woman to meet Locky was 25-year-old marketing manager Bella Varelis. 


She stepped out of the car and slowly walked over to meet him. 

We saw what shoes she was wearing, how she held her dress so it didn't get dirty, and the moment when Locky became completely and utterly mesmerised by her.

Image: Channel 10. 


Now, here are our three reasons that we believe prove she wins.

Firstly, almost all previous winners get the slow, grand entrance. The music changes, the scene slows down and we watch their meet-cute play out. 

Anna from Tim Robards' season, yes. Snezana from Sam Wood's season, yes. Laura from Matty J's season, again yes. We could continue.

Secondly, Locky has admitted to believing in love at first sight. And did you see his face when she walked in?

Image: Channel 10. 


Finally, the rest of Australia agrees.


That's it. We're calling it.

Bella Varelis wins this season of The Bachelor.

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Feature image: Channel 10.