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Bad songs and awkward silence: 6 moments that happen on every premiere of The Bachelor.

We’re just six days out from the premiere of the new season of The Bachelor, so get that rose bush primed and pruned (not a euphemism) because we are so ready.

This year we’ll witness 31-year-old astrophysicist Matt Agnew find love with his party of handpicked bachelorettes. Judging from the promos, it’s going to be filled with allllll the drama. FUN.

While we wait for July 31 to roll around, we’d like to take a walk down nostalgia lane with all the weird, funny and touching moments we know we can expect from the premiere episode. In fact, history tells us this is true.

The Bachelor is here for yet another year, watch the promo featuring Matt Agnew right here:

Video by Channel 10

So cast your mind back to the six Bachelor seasons of yesteryear, and join us as we play ‘Bachelor Bingo’.

1. Somebody tries to make a standout impression, which absolutely goes balls up.

Look, we get it. As a contestant, you’re competing against a bevvy of beautiful women who all have their eyes on the Bachelor prize, and everyone wants to stand out… so maybe you do something silly to get the camera’s attention.

However, no one did that quite like Kayla, from the Honey Badger’s season in 2018. Knowing her time to find Insta-fame love was running out, Kayla jumped into the pool in her sequined cocktail dress, much to the confusion of everyone. Although the Honey Badger didn’t notice, we’re guessing the producers were charmed by her ‘go-getting nature’ and she was allowed to stick around for the sake of good television.

Paddle on, Kayla, paddle on.

The bachelor 2019 premier
Ohhhh Kayla. Image: Channel 10.

2. Gifts and props are also sometimes involved.

Step aside small talk, because nothing lingers quite like the weight of a physical object. Balloons, crowns, rugby balls, and crystals are just some of the tokens left behind by rogue contestants.

However, it's not always well-received, like the time ribbon-twirler Akoulina Ktoiants made herself the gift.

"I'll wrap myself up and I present myself to you," she said, to a very perplexed Matty J.

The bachelor 2019 premier
Can I re-gift this... or no? Image: Channel 10.

Let's also not forget the time Dasha the personal trainer turned Nick into the prop. She climbed him like a jungle gym and managed to do two sit ups with her legs perched around his shoulders. Very impressive indeed.

The bachelor 2019 premier
Ooft. Image: Channel 10.

3. Someone breaks into a song and dance.

Another tactic to be used sparingly. 2016 contestant Eliza St John employed this technique when she wrote an original song for Richie Strahan. It was an A for effort, even if the lyrics weren't exactly ARIA-winning.

The bachelor 2019 premier
Let me woo you with my song. Image: Channel 10.

A lil' reminder:

Look at you, my heart beat is forever new.

I bet you’re real romantic, always ready for a laugh.

Look at you, I don’t twirl for all on view.

Crazy as this may be how ‘bout it man of mystery?

Look at you, my heart beat is forever new.

Can’t wait to share this magic with you.

Alas, Elora's fire dance for Matty J seemed to be more warmly-received.

The bachelor 2019 premier
Fiery indeed. Image: Channel 10.

4. Occasionally, too much personality is shown.

There's a delicate balance between: 'I'm a fully formed person who has hobbies', and 'Let me engulf you with my entire being,' and sometimes it's difficult to know where the line is.

For example, a common sense test:

Invading someone's personal space? No, Belinda, Matty J didn't not want to feel your beating heart.

Yes, Kayla's rose quartz present was perhaps a little too woo-woo for Nick.

The bachelor 2019 premier
Please. calm. down. Image: Channel 10.

Same goes for Vanessa Sunshine's outward and immediately dislike of the Honey Badger's moustache. To be fair, she never did warm up to him either.

Watch Vanessa Sunshine share her initial thoughts on The Bachelor. She didn't hold back:

Video by MMC

5. Sometimes high school dating tactics are also involved.

One could argue there isn't much need to employ the 'treat em' mean, keep em' keen' tactic when you're on a national dating show, but each to their own.

Laurina 'dirty street pie' Fleure dove headfirst into this technique in an attempt to woo Blake Garvey, and made him physically chase her around the room because she was "maintaining mystery".


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6. It always ends with a rose ceremony where we have to pretend we care about who's leaving.

It's a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to getting airtime on The Bachelor franchise, and only the strongest survive.

Goodbye Sarah. You made 'normal' date conversation and we got bored.

Farewell Becky, it was nice knowing you.

See ya later... girl with brown hair (?), we didn't even know you were here. Poor thing.

The bachelor 2019 premier
BYYYYYEEEEE. Image: Channel 10.

The Bachelor premieres on Channel 10 at 7:30pm on Wednesday July 31.